ARK Survival Evolved update as Wildcard reveals ARK Genesis patch plans

ARK Survival Evolved has received a new update today on Xbox One, with a similar one expected to drop on PS4 consoles in the coming days.

It’s been a busy few weeks with the launch of ARK Genesis and now the development team at Studio Wildcard are starting to share its patching plans for the rest of 2020.

From what has been revealed so far, Wildcard has released a patch today on Xbox One with another going live on PS4 on Friday, March 13.

Another ARK update is being released this week on PC, but this will be different from the others going live this week on consoles, and will include a number of ARK Genesis changes.

It appears ARK on PC will remain one patch ahead of the PS4 and Xbox One, at least for the remainder of March 2020.

It should be noted that these plans could change if more work is need on any of the new ARK Survival Evolved update current being developed.

A message from the ARK support team explains: “The big patch I referred to yesterday for PC will likely go out tomorrow. Turns out it needs some more time in the oven. There’s an XBOX patch that just went out (patch notes updated) that gets it up to speed with PC.

“PS4 patch will likely be Friday.

“The big patch that will likely hit PC tomorrow will be deployed to consoles later NEXT week. I hope this clears up some confusion and lets you know what we currently have cooking.

“As you might imagine, things got a little crazy with the Genesis launch so we’re in the process of getting everything back on schedule in terms of patch parity and segmentation.”

In a further post, Wildcard shared a rough guide on what they have planned in March 2020 and beyond for gamers playing ARK Genesis on PS4, Xbox and PC:


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“We’d like to give a big thanks to the community for all the support you’ve shown during the Genesis launch! We’ve seen some amazing community content and enjoy hearing your experiences in the simulation.

“We have a busy summer coming up! Last week we announced the addition of a new map, Crystal Isles, and a new TLC patch coming this summer.”

“In the meantime, we have a number of tweaks we’ll be deploying to Genesis in the form of bug fixes and quality of life enhancements over the coming months. We are planning for a patch Wednesday to address some of the more immediate issues following the Genesis launch.”

Wildcard has not shared the patch notes for the big ARK Genesis update being worked on for release this week on PC, for fears that players will be able to exploit the changes early.

“The goal was to post the patch notes early but after writing them, I realize it wouldn’t be safe. There are things on the list that could be exploited between now and when the path goes out. But the good news is that the PC patch is close to 50 fixes/tweaks.”

It sounds like a big update and something we should hear more about in the coming days.

Patch notes from today ARK Survival Evolved update on Xbox One can be found below, and are expected to be similar to the ones posted for the PS4 patch going live later this week:

  • Fixed several performance-related crashes
  • Magmasaur now requires metal ingots to shoot projectiles
  • Magmasaur projectile speed and gravity adjusted for proper turret targeting in low FPS
  • Fixed issues that prevented Primitive+ from being played
  • Fixed a rare occurrence that would crash the game when pressing the map button
  • Fixed a bug that caused defense units to render invisible on Genesis
  • Fixed a bug that caused dinos to render invisible in the Sunken Forest on Extinction

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