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As Dusk Falls' fourth chapter, Shima, follows directly on from the Desert Dream Massacre. While the pace slows down a little, there are still multiple, cascading choices and consequences throughout the chapter.

The episode begins with a monologue from an older Zoe, but it doesn't take long for the action to carry over from last chapter. This chapter is split between the Holts running from the police in the present day, and an introduction to Joyce's son, Ash, two months prior.

Child Locks

The first crossroad choice comes relatively early in this chapter. After escaping from the police in a car chase, Jay will have the choice of freeing one of the hostages. Depending on your choices in the last chapter, this hostage will be either Zoe or Vince.

Kept Vince In Car
  • If you decide to keep Vince in the car he'll still be in the back when the Holts crash their vehicle. This will lead to Vince's death.
Freed Vince
  • Freeing Vince means that he'll escape unharmed, while Sharon and Tyler are dissappointed in Jay.
  • Having Vince avoid death grants you the 'Invincible' achievement.
Kept Zoe In Car
  • Keeping Zoe in the car means that she'll be in the car crash instead, though Zoe can't die in this scene, unlike Vince.
  • Jay will be able to save her during the crash, where you'll then have a final decision between leaving her on the road or moving her to safety. Either way, the police will find her and Jay will run away.
Freed Zoe
  • Freeing Zoe allows her to escape unharmed.

Jay will then stumble through the forest until he faints behind a stranger's house.

Patience Is A Virtue

The scene will then transition back to the Desert Dream Motel, two months earlier. We'll be introduced to Joyce's son, Ash. After fighting with his mum, he'll run away from home, get lost in the woods and eventually become hungry enough to pull out a chocolote bar. You can choose to eat it now or save it for later, which will give you an extra choice later on.

Ash will then be confronted with a wild boar looking for trouble. You'll have four options to deal with the beast, but there's only one option that won't lead to a chase sequence with the boar. If you kept the chocolate bar you can throw it as a distraction and get away. Otherwise, you'll need to complete a quick-time-event (QTE) to get away.

You'll eventually find a cabin and Ash will go in looking for medical supplies. Go into the bathroom to find a first aid kit. Bear will unexpectedly arrive and interrupt Ash before the scene cuts.

Study Club

The game will then cut to Jay's situation in the present day, waking up on a stranger's couch. You can look around the room for a bit before Vanessa walks in to introduce herself. There aren't too many major decisions in this segment. If you want to answer Vanessa's study question correctly, the answer is Theodore Roosevelt.

Eventually, Vanessa's strict father will come home and ask Jay what school he goes to. You'll need to say "Bridgeley" if you want to avoid suspicion. When he and Vanessa leave the room you'll be able to sneak out without them knowing, which will end the scene, or wait to say goodbye. If you wait, Vanessa will come out and ask if you want her phone number. If you made her father suspicious he will also come out and ask why you're wearing his son's clothes. If you tell him you were in an accident he'll reluctantly choose to let you go. If you choose to shove him, Jay will still get away.

Cabin Fever

The game then returns to Ash's situation, two months earlier. Bear is about to enter the cabin at the start of this section so you'll need to pick a place to hide. If you hide in the closet, Bear will find you and this will trigger a conversation with him — where he reminds us how evil he can be. No matter your dialogue choices, Ash will be able to escape this encounter unharmed, despite Bear's threat to cut off one of Ash's limbs. If you want to avoid this interaction, simply choose to hide under the bed. Successfully completing the QTE will mean that Ash will escape without coming face-to-face with Bear.

After a moment, Ash will fall down a ditch and break his leg. If you complete the QTE without a problem, Ash will climb out of the ditch and stumble upon the Sheriff, Dante, along the highway. If you fail to complete the QTE, Ash will be stuck in the ditch until Jay finds him, at which point they drive Ash to the hospital. When Ash wakes up at the hospital Joyce and the Sheriff will be waiting for him to wake up. In either conversation with Dante, Ash will have the option to reveal the cabin's existence to the Sheriff.

Reveal Cabin's Existence
  • Revealing the cabin's existence to Dante means that the FBI will ambush the Holts later in the chapter. This will also mean it's impossible for Jay, Tyler and Sharon to escape the police in this episode.
  • Revealing the cabin's existence also unlocks the 'Trail of Breadcrumbs' acheivement.
Keep The Cabin Secret
  • Keeping the cabin's existence from Dante means that police will not ambush the Holts later in the chapter. Depending on your future choices, all three remaining Holts can escape safely.
  • Keeping the cabin a secret will unlock the 'Cabin? What Cabin?' achievement.

This Is Family

The last scene of this chapter can vary wildly depending on your choices. Jay reaches the secret cabin where Sharon and Tyler are waiting. There aren't any notable choices in this first stretch – Tyler will ask if you trust him but your response is inconsequential.

Eventually, Jay will go to bed and wake up to hear Tyler's real plan: leaving without Jay. When a confrontation begins between the family, you'll learn that Jay is adopted, no matter which dialogue options you choose. If you decide to press Sharon on the subject you'll learn that Jay is actually Sharon's nephew.

The rest of the chapter will differ depending on whether or not you told Dante about the secret cabin.


If you decided to keep the cabin a secret, Jay and Tyler will get into a fight leading to a chase scene through the woods. After a few button prompts you'll have the decision of firing a warning shot or keeping quiet. Either way, the chase will lead to Jay climbing up a tree with Tyler following. If you make it all the way up the tree, you'll be faced with a decision to help Tyler up or stomp on his fingers.

Fell Down Tree
  • Tyler is unable to shoot Jay, but they both escape the chapter as fugitives.
Stomp On Fingers
  • This will lead to Tyler falling down the tree and eventually being arrested by the cops.
  • Jay will escape the chapter as a fugitive.
Help Tyler Up
  • This will lead to a reconciliation between the brothers. Both of them will escape the chapter as fugitives.
  • Doing this will unlock the 'Brothers In Arms' achievement.

Another Shootout

If you decided to reveal the cabin as Ash, then the police will ambush the Holts in this scene. The outcomes of this scenario are that Jay will either be arrested or escape as a fugitive. There's also the possibility that Tyler can die or be arrested as well. Sharon always escapes this scenario.

Leave Holts
  • Leaving the family will lead to Tyler's arrest. Jay will be chased through the woods by the police.
Stay To Fight
  • Staying to fight initiates a shootout between the Holts and the police.
  • Staying will lead to another decision, between surrendering to the police or fighting more. Continuing to shoot will lead to Tyler's death and the same police chase through the woods. Surrendering there will lead to Jay and Tyler's arrests.
  • This will unlock the 'Once A Holt' achievement.

After the police chase, Jay will come to another major decision, shoot or surrender.

  • Shooting the cop in the woods will make Jay a murderer, but he will escape this chapter as a fugitive.
  • This decision will also unlock the 'No Going Back' achievement.
  • Surrendering will lead to Jay's arrest.
  • Surrendering at any point will unlock the 'Hands In The Air' achievement.

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