Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Defeat Steinnbjorn

The most formidable of all the legendary animals in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is an ice-covered bear named Steinnbjorn. Players often struggle to beat him as he is the most powerful in the game. This is one task that many often go back to complete after they beat the game due to its difficulty.

If you find yourself failing to take down this mythological bear, then there are a few tips and tricks that can help you out. It might still take you a few tries to beat Steinnbjorn in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but it is well worth the taste of victory.

Where Do You Find Him?

This legendary animal isn’t in a specific location, rather, you will have to identify the general area in order to reveal Steinnbjorn on your map. You can find him in Jotunheim, one of the mythological realms that can only be accessed with Valka’s help.

Once in this location, you will need to locate Serpent’s Tree and head north. It is also the central point between Serpent’s Tree, Grotto, and Well of Mimir.

Make Sure Your Power Level Is High Enough

Steinnbjorn has a Power Level of 400, so make sure you are at this level or close to it before taking him on. Some players are good enough where they can face off with this beast earlier in the game, but it isn’t something everyone should try.

You should also check that all of your weapons and armor are upgraded to give you the best chance at success as you craft an overpowered build.

Equip A Bow

You should make sure you have your best bow equipped, preferably a Light Bow or Hunter’s Bow. Steinnbjorn isn’t quick on his feet, but his attacks can hit you in the blink of an eye.

The more distance you have between you and this beast the better as it gives you more time to react.

Aim For Weak Spots

The ring you will fight this legendary animal in is encircled by rocks, but it is completely open in the center. The first step is to pull out your bow and aim for the glowing weak spots on Steinnbjorn’s body.

These are found on its hips and butt, and they are fairly large targets so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to hit them. Doing so will reduce his stun bar and make him vulnerable to your attacks.

Shoot At The Ice Crystals

Once you lower his stun bar to zero he will form ice crystals on different points of his body. You can use these to your advantage as hitting them will inflict major damage to Steinnbjorn.

Some like to use melee weapons to hit them, but it is easier if you use a bow. However, be warned as once these appear, a single slam of his paw on the ground will cause a path of ice to shoot out toward you.

Be Patient

Patience is key when it comes to fighting Steinnbjorn, which is the most important tip that players should follow. He is big and moves slowly, but don’t be tempted to rush him as he deals some serious damage.

You need to wait for your opening and focus on keeping your distance whenever possible,  as well as staying near his back end. There is no time limit so you can take as long as you need to bring down this mythological beast.

Understand His Attacks

Every legendary animal has their own special set of attacks, and Steinnbjorn is no different. He has both heavy and light attacks, but the fact that he resides in Jotunheim means his heavy attacks tend to have more supernatural properties.

The light attacks he might use are as follows:

  • Paw slam
  • Paw swipe

The heavy attacks players will encounter during this fight include:

  • Single paw ground slam that shoots a line of ice
  • Two paw ground slam that creates a circle of raised ice

Once you see Steinnbjorn raise his paw or stand on his back legs it is time for you to prepare to move. Be ready to dodge at a moment’s notice as these can occur quickly and deal a ton of damage to you. You can recover from a hit or two with your rations, although if he manages to land multiple heavy hits on you in a row then the fight is basically over.

Use The Ranged Fire Strike Ability

The Ranged Fire Strike Ability is a great way to whittle away at Steinnbjorn’s health. Not only does this last quite a while, but it serves as a passive way to tear down this beast.

Poison is also a valid option, but then the other abilities you choose to use are entirely up to you and your playstyle. You can utilize any of the other Ranged Abilities, such as Man’s Best Friend or Mark of Death, although, the best Melee Ability for this fight is definitely Dive of the Valkyries.

What Rewards Do You Recieve?

Unfortunately, winning this battle doesn’t grant you a whole lot except for some XP, rations, and two skill points. The reason for this is that you are technically in a dream-induced state when you enter Jotunheim, so there would be no way to physically bring anything back.

While it is a bummer, you can still brag to your friends that you defeated the most difficult legendary animal in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It is also part of the reason why players often don’t take on this challenge until after they beat the game.

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