Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Defeat The Macbeth

So there you are in a bandit camp near Northumbria in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You’re clearing out bandits, thinking everything is going according to plan when suddenly you run into a unit that has a health bar like a mini-boss. Yet it’s designated as a standard foe. What is this amalgamation of boss and minion and why has it been routinely ranked as the strongest enemy in the game?

This is the Macbeth, a special unit that has been specifically designed to eliminate Eivor and send the Vikings back to Norway. In fact, the game is so sure that Eivor will die to this unit that it plans a special death animation for when you lose the battle. That’s even a step above most boss fights! Very well then, if Ubisoft developers are so serious about players losing this fight, it’s time to learn a few tips and tricks to make sure they don’t get to gloat after the dust has settled.

Recognize It

The entry in the codex shows a male, but the Macbeth can be either male or female. The weapon shown is also misleading; the unit displayed holds a two-handed axe while the actual unit has a polearm with a length that borders on the absurd.

They are more common in Vinland but exist in various locations throughout England as well.

Counter The Heavy Sweep

The Macbeth will glow red similar to when other heavy attacks are performed while it performs a sweep. However, this move cannot be interrupted by regular attacks. Only a heavy attack of your own can counter this sweep.

The problem, then, is that if you begin to use a heavy attack when you see this, most two-handed weapons will not land before the Macbeth executes this maneuver. Ideally, you’ll want to use light one-handed weapons to stop this attack from landing.

If you do not dodge the sweep, you’ll be knocked down and you will receive a flurry of jabs from the polearm.

Option One – Get In Close

Light attacks are surprisingly effective against the Macbeth as the unit is prone to being stunlocked. It can be terrifying to get within range of the polearm, but once you are, you’ll find that it’s really only got the heavy attack move as a defense mechanism against flurries of strikes.

Dodge or block after the Macbeth attacks and then make your move to get in close.

Option Two – Strike From Afar

The Macbeth welcomes melee combat, but it has nothing at all that it can do against ranged attacks. If you’ve got a quiver full of arrows, this is the ideal time to empty that quiver.

If you want to get back into melee combat as quickly as possible, aim for the weakpoints in the shoulders and knees for a stun.

Best Abilities To Use

  • Blinding Rush

Giving yourself a free assassination on a target is always a plus. Even on the toughest settings, this can essentially end the fight before it begins.

  • Axe Blizzard

Not only is this monumental damage, but because each attack is considered light, the Macbeth will be stunned for the duration of the ability.

Running Away

The Macbeth will eventually drink a poison that gives it increased power. Anticlimactic as it sounds, the smartest move here is to simply run away. The Macbeth will eventually kill itself.

And that’s all there is to it! It can be difficult to execute some of these moves in the heat of battle, so it’s highly recommended that you outrun the ultra-slow Macbeth and finish off other units, then come back after you’ve saved the Macbeth for last.

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