Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Defeat The Woe-Bringer

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is the newest entry in the series and with it comes new places to explore in ninth century England and Norway. Along with this, Ubisoft also provides players with a multitude of new enemies to fight in the game. This includes elite enemies, which are tougher than the average soldier, and one of the tougher ones is the woe-bringer.

While he may appear at first to be just another brute, there is more to him than meets the eye at first glance since there is a lot of variety to his offense. Here is how best to defeat these mammoth of human beings.

What They Are

Woe-bringers are Viking warriors that can be identified by wielding a large two-handed axe. Due to their height and physique, they can typically be lumped into the brute category of enemies.

As previously mentioned, there is more variety to his offense than just his axe and a warrior like them has more than a few tricks up their sleeve.

The Best Build and Skills To Use

Having the right build and skillset is key to any battle. Having a heavy-build is good due to its high protection but having a light-build is good as well due to its high mobility.

As for skills, it is best to use skills that are good at gradually draining the woe-bringer’s health, such as the fire and poison strike abilities. It is also good to have the wolf companionability to have a partner in the fight as well as the Kick of Tyr ability which is extremely powerful even at its first tier.

Their Type Of Offense

Obviously, that axe is not just for show as it is a woe-bringer’s weapon of choice. With this, they can take large swings that cover a lot of ground. As a result of this, it is not very wise to go in slicing and dicing since they are capable of dealing large amounts of damage.

A good amount of patience is needed as he will leave himself open to a parry. Parrying attacks will make the enemy stunned enabling a few hits to be delivered before they regain their composure.  Keep in mind that red attacks cannot be parried so for these be sure to dodge and roll.

Dodging at the last second will trigger a perfect dodge and cause time to slow down. This grants the opportunity of laying down even more hits to the enemy.

Has A Defense Against Range Attacks

Unfortunately for the player, range attacks with the game’s assortment of bows is not a good counter-strategy. The reason for this is that the woe-bringer has his own range attack with an axe throw.

This has him, obviously, throw an axe that can be quite troublesome in a fight. As such it is best to stay close rather than attack from afar. If you feel more comfortable with a bow, however, beware of the axe throw, make every shot count, and aim for his weak spots which are his arms.

Will Become Desperate When Injured

People always resort to desperate measures when cornered and the woe-bringer is no exception to this. When injured, the woe-bringer will switch to a hammer out of nowhere trading his axe slicing for hammer smashing.

The woe-bringer is relentless with his attacks striking with a furious rage. Once again patience is key. Dodge at the right time and parry to finally finish the woe-bringer off.

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