Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Where To Find All Of The Pieces Of The Mentor’s Armor Set

The Mentor’s Armor Set is one of the best things you can acquire for yourself in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It is aligned with the Raven tree, which means it is great for stealth attacks and assassinations. This set gives Eivor bonuses such as increasing attack after critical hits and an additional boost to speed when a certain number of pieces are equipped.

You can’t go wrong with this set and it is best to seek it out before mid-game when you would primarily find it. However, the stats of your gear will vary based on what you have unlocked within your skill tree. This set still becomes amazing when you upgrade it to its full potential no matter your skill tree choices, so there is little reason not to use it in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla!

Mentor’s Robes

  • Location: Guildford, Suthsexe

You need to find Saint Lewinna’s Church in Guildford if you want to add the Mentor’s Robes to your inventory. The first thing you will notice is that the door is blocked off, which means you need to discover another way to get inside.

If you head to the back you will see a lift that will take you up to a platform and you need to use it. Once there look back toward the front of the building where a pile of stones is hanging. Shoot the pully to drop it to the ground then jump over and climb into the window it was blocking.

Now that you are inside you need to climb down the ladder, then shoot the boxes and jars so you can shoot the breakable wooden slats on the floor. Jump down into the hole and break the lock off the door, then look to your left where you will see a movable object blocked by boxes.

Destroy the boxes with your underrated weapon so you can pull the movable object out of the way.  Open the door and turn to the right where the chest with the Mentor’s robes is waiting.


  • Arm: 29
  • L-Res: 22
  • Weight: 9
  • Eva: 20
  • H-Res: 28

Mentor’s Cloak

  • Location: Loch Clunbre Hideout, Snotinghamscire

The Mentor’s Cloak is located in a restricted location, and it is impossible to retrieve this and go unnoticed. If the gear is all you are after then run right in and head for the hut on the platform to the left.

Next, break open the door and fight the Sleekit, and she can be quite feisty so make sure not to make any major combat mistakes. Once she is dead, you can then open the chest and escape as fast as you can with your new piece of gear.


  • Arm: 35
  • L-Res: 29
  • Weight: 7
  • Eva: 26
  • H-Res: 33

Mentor’s Mask

  • Location: Sherwood Hideout, Snotinghamscire

The Mentor’s Mask is the easiest of all the gear to acquire, and almost as easy as some of these bosses, as you don’t have to fight anyone if you don’t want to. If you travel around the edge of Sherwood Hideout, you will see a spot along the wall where a rock constitutes part of its design.

Climb up the rock and jump down to the other side, then enter the building immediately to your left. All you have to do is run inside, loot the chest, and run away with your prize instead of fighting with your best weapon.


  • Arm: 40
  • L-Res: 33
  • Weight: 7
  • Eva: 26
  • H-Res: 29

Mentor’s Trousers

  • Location: Wincestre Garrison, Wincestre

This piece is located within the Wincestre Garrison which is heavily guarded and restricted. When you enter, look for a square building that spans two stories and run toward the stairs to the left of it.

Look through the second window on the first floor and shoot the lock off the door on the other side with your bow. Once this is done, head to the front of the building and enter through the door. There will be a second door on your left and through here is where you can find the chest with the Mentor’s Trousers.


  • Arm: 33
  • L-Res: 32
  • Weight: 7
  • Eva: 25
  • H-Res: 26

Mentor’s Vambrace

  • Location: Anderitum Hideout, Suthsexe

This is one of the trickiest locations to explore as there are so many passageways and hallways. Once you reach the location, look for a square hole in the ground and make your way to the bottom.

There will be a guard who you will have to assassinate, then grab an exploding red pot off the ground. Next, if you are looking at the wall with the opening underneath it where you killed the guard, run left past the hallway, and slide through the crevice in the ground at the end.

Turn left down this hallway and on the right, there is a breakable rock wall.  Throw the pot at the wall or use your Incendiary Powder Ability to break it. Make your way down the twists and turns of the hallway.

Once you reach the stairs, pull out your bow and shoot the breakable wall at the top of the wall beyond them. Finally, climb the wall and on the other side is the chest with the Mentor’s Vambraces.


  • Arm: 26
  • L-Res: 25
  • Weight: 9
  • Eva: 20
  • H-Res: 25

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