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Gamers love a good villain and King Aelfred makes for a very complex and vicious foe in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. In history, we know that Aelfred was largely credited for driving back the Vikings after their early invasion, so it’s not a surprise that Eivor loses the battle of forces and wits to this conniving antagonist.

Still, that doesn’t make the tension with him any less palpable. Players will get a chance to square off with him in Wincestre. And though he’s destined to win, that doesn’t mean you have to lose the game. This guide will make sure the adventure here is completed as smoothly as possible by listing every objective in the questline and providing you with tips and tricks to get through the encounters.

The Reeve Of Wincestre

  • Find And Speak To The Man In White
  • Follow The Priest

You’ll be given a general area to look around, but the marker will only pop up after getting very close. Look for the Bishop inside of the cathedral here and follow him.

  • Enter The Room
  • Reach Goodwin’s House
  • Investigate Goodwin’s House

After buddying up with the game’s villain, go to see Goodwin, whose house has been ransacked. Your first clue is a partially burned letter by the fireplace. Go up the stairs and find a tipped-over stool and Eivor will piece together what happened.

  • Find And Rescue Goodwin

There are two parts to rescuing Goodwin. The first is getting past a very large wall that you won’t be able to climb. Find a key to a locked door next to some scrolls to get past this first blockade.

You’ll then enter a courtyard, go to the far building and head down to the basement area. Break a lock and you’ll finally have your man.

  • Find And Get The Documents
  • Speak With Goodwin

The documents you need are up two floors, but there’s a bit of a snag with a barred door. You’ll have to climb three stories, head outside, drop to a ledge, and shoot the barred door open. Grab the research, find Goodwin in safety, and you’ll be ready to for the next step of the plan.

Choking The Gallows

  • Reach The Market
  • Assassinate The Gallows

A cutscene will trigger as soon as you reach the market. Sorry, there’s no saving Hubert, but thankfully no one else will die, even if you take your sweet time. There is a wall behind the Gallows that the guards aren’t watching and it gives you the perfect position for an assassination.

Watch the death sequence and you’ll be all done with this particularly short quest. You will be under attack from the guards after this assassination, but they’re all standard mobs, nothing you can’t handle.

Plucking The Quill

  • Find And Speak To Goodwin
  • Tail The Girl

Eivor sees right through the girl’s bad acting. Unless you’re feeling generous with your enemies, hold on to your silver. Either dialogue choice will have you follow the girl to her fellow children.

  • Question The Children About The Quill

The quest is perhaps a bit misphrased as you won’t actually get a chance to ask the kids anything, but you can earn their trust. Murder a guard who caught a boy stealing apples. Then talk to a cutpurse who runs off. Finally, witness two kids starting a fire and you’ll be on good terms with the rapscallions.

  • Find And Speak To The Girl

Use your bird to find the young criminals.

After you find them, you’ll have to take their side one last time by stopping the people who caught them red-handed, either peacefully or violently, your call.

  • Speak With The Girl
  • Find And Assassinate The Quill

You’ll finally be given direction to the Quill’s lair. Find the door on the streets, then head down into the dungeon-esque area chock-full with guards you’ll have to either sneak around or dispense of.

  • Kill The Quill

You’ll get a cinematic where the Quill and her young ally taunt you, but the joke’s on them. The Quill fights with a crossbow, but can’t target you when you Eivor climbs the wall right under her feet. After heading up there, she’s got some standard guards. You can kick her to her doom off of the wall you just climbed, or defeat her normally in melee combat.

Her death cutscene will trigger. Finish off the guard detail and begin the following quest.

Impaling The Seax

  • Report To Goodwin
  • Attend The Bishop’s Funeral
  • Investigate The Funeral

You’ll be directed to check for yourself is the Seax is still alive (he is). You can prove Eivor’s misgivings by first talking to Wemba, a gravedigger, who confirms a body was swapped. Right next to Wemba, there are some clothes on the ground that validate this story further. Lastly, look at the body itself on the altar to finish your investigation.

  • Talk To The Bishop’s Sister
  • Defeat The Guards

You’ll take your findings to Ealhferth’s sister Harriet, who isn’t pleased and calls the guards. Kill them.

  • Speak To The Bishop’s Sister
  • Find And Assassinate The Seax

A handy marker will direct you to an open window that leads to a perfect vantage point for assassinating your target. There are four identical targets, the correct one is the Bannerer patrolling back and forth between the crowd and the front door. A couple of cutscenes will trigger after this.

  • Find The Order’s Temple

Harriet will give you a key and directions. The temple entrance happens to start at Ealhferth’s residence.

  • Search The Temple

As you go down the tunnels, eventually your objective will automatically change to “Search The Temple.” The first clue is an open letter next to a pile of scrolls. Your next clue is behind both a movable obstacle and a destructible door. There is a fire jar accessible after the obstacle is moved or you can use an exploding arrow. Break the lock, then check the pile of scrolls for your second and final piece of evidence here.

  • Speak With Aelfred
  • Escape The Cathedral

Aelfred and Goodwin will severely rip you off and then tell you to convert to Christianity or die. Eivor chooses the “neither” option. Run away from the cathedral and fast travel back to Ravesthorpe.

Reporting On Wincestre

  • Report To Randvi

To wrap up this questline, all you have to do is tell Randvi the good news about the order and the bad news about everything else. Nice work!

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