Back 4 Blood is shaping up to be a must-buy zombie game based on our preview

Zombie fans should be chomping at the bit for the upcoming four-player shooter game Back 4 Blood after getting a bloody taste of it in an open server test.

The game, out on October 12, is shaping up to be a brutal but brilliantly fun multiplayer title worthy of its much-loved predecessor Left 4 Dead.

Turtle Rock Studios have gone for gore and spilled undead guts aplenty in this Xbox and PlayStation future hit.

We sampled two levels from the new game during it’s open Beta test event on the Xbox Series X last week and it already plays slick and speedy despite still being a work-in-progress.

The all-new “Swarm” player-versus-player mode features two squads of four facing off in a best-of-three series of rounds swapping between playing as the ‘Cleaners’ – think Walking Dead heroes – and the ‘Ridden’, which is the zombies.

It’s a bloodfest from start to finish, as you battle frantically to beat away beasties with whatever weapons you can get your hands on.

You were also able to play two co-op maps where you and the gang face-off against oncoming hordes of zombies.

My team, featuring a ragtag band of desperate souls, fought our way through misty post-apocalyptic swamplands riddled with Ridden to a final fight in an abandoned church.

Graphically it was dense, dark and atmospheric and when the baddies came, they came in huge numbers and it was a matter of conserving ammo as best you could while shooting their brains out.

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That’s where teamwork comes in and it’s quickly apparent you’ll need the help of the other online players around you if you’re all going to make it to safety.

We’re looking forward to the final game here.

Because based on this demo, come October, we’re expecting a brilliantly brutal zombie slayer game.

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