Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Get Scratch The Dog

If you’re already bored with your party in Baldur’s Gate 3, have no fear − there’s another pawesome companion itching to join your camp: Scratch the dog.

Before your hopes get too high, it’s important to note that Scratch the dog is not technically a companion in the general sense, since he will remain at your camp and therefore can’t be added to your party. However, Scratch is a good boy and still comes in handy for several other reasons.

Baldur’s Gate 3 — Where To Find Scratch

Scratch can be found between the Druid Grove and Blighted Village, which is located to the west of the Grove. He is located just outside of the village, north of the bridge linking it to the Grove and close to the owlbear cave.

As with most interactions in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll want to save before you approach Scratch, since one bad roll can send him running.

As you proceed towards Scratch, you’ll discover that he is guarding the body of what appears to be his former owner, Gomwick. You’ll be given the option of reaching out to pet Scratch, sidestepping him to get to the corpse, or shooing him away. After choosing the former, you can either do an Animal Handling check to show Scratch you mean no harm, a Perception check to read his collar, or an Intimidation check to make him stand down.

To find out the name written on his collar, you’ll need to pass a 7 Perception check. After that, you can tell him that you won’t hurt him and pet him. You will then be able to tell him to follow you and provide him with your scent so he can follow you back to camp.

If you choose to pass the Animal Handling check, you’ll need to roll at least a 1. After that, you can either take a closer look at Scratch, shake your head and show him that his master is gone, or pet him. After petting him, you can eventually allow him to follow your scent back to camp.

After Scratch has smelled your scent, he will disappear and reappear at your camp two nights later.

Throwing A Ball Around & Finding Hidden Items

As mentioned earlier, there are all kinds of benefits to having Scratch at your camp. The first − and clearly most important − reason is that you can pet and play with him. Petting him will also lead to several companions’ approval, which shows you who the animal lovers in your party really are (and no, Lae’zel unfortunately isn’t one of them). Scratch will also eventually provide you with a ball, which you can carry in your inventory and throw around for him at camp whenever you want.

Besides that, Scratch also has a nose for finding items. Occasionally, you will notice that he’s carrying a pouch in his mouth when you interact with him and can ask him to let it go. In order to retrieve it, you’ll need to pass a Strength check. These items range from useless objects like bones to handy articles such as healing potions.

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