Battlefield 2042 Players Aren’t Impressed With An Unreleased Map Leak

It seems no matter what DICE does, Battlefield 2042 players are unhappy. An apparent leak of an upcoming map, Exposure, is the latest thing to rile up the fanbase. The map features a large canyon with plains and woodland above. Apparently, an Earthquake in British Columbia has revealed a secret research facility that Russia believes to be housing a military weapon. Redditors are not happy with it, however.

One user commented, "Massive, open and empty map … nothing new lol." Another wrote, "if the only map to be available in the season just reinforces the whole 'run 400m in an open field and get obliterated [sic] by campers behind the only solid wall present in a mile' I'll drown all my hopes for this game."

Due to the vast open spaces and prevalence of vehicles in the game, some fans want a return to the more close-quarters maps like Metro from Battlefield 3. One fan wrote, "I would love a prober [sic] CQB map, but we will see."

Despite angry comments, many fans are still hopeful that Battlefield will change in ways they deem better. One user wrote, "Despite Battlefield 2042’s awful launch i [sic] do hope that the game can recover just like how i hope every game becomes better after release."

Fans haven't been happy with the game since the open beta. And while DICE has been putting in a lot of work to improve Battlefield, it's impossible to please everyone all the time. Criticisms have been constant, such as those about the 128-player matches, bullet spread – which has since been improved – and its Christmas skins. I still think the Santa skin was great and you can't change my mind, though.

While criticism is fair game in any creative medium, just remember to not let your passion cloud your judgement so much you forget developers are real people with feelings. The Halo subreddit recently had to get shut down due to how toxic it had become, prompting a response from its community director.

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