Bear And Breakfast: 6 Beginner Tips

Imagine going to a resort in an area and finding out that the head of the property is a bear. That's probably what every tourist thinks as they arrive in the world of Bear And Breakfast, where Hank, the entrepreneur, has built up various buildings as humans return to the land they left a long time ago.

The game is a life simulator where you make and manage new properties for tourists who'd like to visit certain areas. As you progress in the game, more and more parameters unlock making it harder to keep up with every place at once.

6 Keep Your Tutorial Menu Enabled

When you start the game for the first time, there should be some cards showing on the right side guiding you through the procedures and mechanics in the game. Make sure you keep this tutorial menu activated, and if you don't have it at the start, you can turn it on from settings.

This menu is important from the start till the end of the game, especially if you're playing for the first time. At first, it will tell you obvious things, but as you progress, it will actually have some useful guides on cooking, placing furniture, keeping an area clean, etc. that can go a long way.

Instead of clicking the small arrows on the side of these cards, you can simply rotate your Mouse Wheel up or down to flip through the pages, making it much easier.

5 Look Around As Much As You Can

As soon as you leave The Thicket, which is the first area where your home is located, make sure you check every part of any area you're in. The game will force you to clear up the trash within a building, so you can rebuild it, but foraging outside the buildings in the open world can help you a lot as well.

Treat the game like an open-world exploration genre. If you pick up everything you can find whenever you get to a new area, you will almost never have to look around for certain items during quests. This can save you a lot of time and frustration.

There is a lot of inventory space in Bear And Breakfast, but if you somehow run out of it, you can use the bins beside every Pawn Voyage van as your personal storage space. These are shared across all the areas.

4 Talk To Everyone Except The Main Character First

Whenever you're on a certain quest, you will know the character you need to talk to based on the mark over their head, but it's not always a good idea to go straight to the required character, especially for the people who love lore and details.

This is because other characters usually have a comment that you wouldn't be able to see if you progressed through the story. This is most important when a quest has multiple characters, like the first quest or The A24 main quest.

3 The Quest Symbols

There are certain signs on top of the characters (or robots) that are involved in a quest. There are a total of three signs that symbolize different things. Here's what every sign means in the game:

  • Exclamation Mark:
    Whenever a character has a new quest for you, they will have a huge yellow exclamation mark on top of their head. These are very important to look around for, as they could belong to a side quest that you can miss entirely.

  • Question Mark:
    Once you've started the quest and finished the initial dialogue, the exclamation mark will be replaced with a blue question mark. This signifies that you have to collect the required materials or finish certain tasks for the character.

  • Check Mark:
    This final mark appears when you've finished all the requirements for a quest. You can head back and talk to the character with this mark to finish the quest or to get to the next part of it.

Sometimes, when you take a quest, you might already have the required material in your inventory if you foraged as much as you could.

In this case, the question mark will be skipped entirely. Make sure you check the sign before you head out after accepting the quest.

Once you accept a quest, you can use the arrow on your screen or on the mini-map to guide you to the required location. These arrows only appear when you're in the required area or any of the areas adjacent to it. They're pretty easy to miss, so make sure you keep a lookout for them.

2 The Game Is Pretty Intuitive

The position of the required material in the game is very intuitive. For example, you will only find Wood in forest areas, Stone Piles near Mountains, and Trash in the Junkyard. So, if you're looking for something in particular, think about what would be its ideal location.

Further, after finishing the quest that's started by talking to Oliver at his bus stand, you will acquire the ability to enlarge your map and see the map of all the areas. You can use these to locate a few items as they're marked on the map.

Most of the items around the world like trash, wood, stone, flowers, ingredients, and fuel spawn back every day.

As you progress in the game, you will require these items more and more, so it's important to loot them as much as you can when you still have time on your hands.

The same intuitive nature of the game follows when you're building rooms for your resorts. For example, beds can only be placed in bedrooms, and showers in washrooms. Further, you're required to have certain furniture in a room to make it an eligible room.

Using the space efficiently is one of the most important aspects of this game. Technically, you can make the entire resort have only one huge bedroom, but that'd lose you a lot of money. Similarly, the recommended room size in the game is usually very small and not enough.

For example, if you go by the recommended bedroom size in-game, you won't be able to fit a lot of furniture other than the bed inside the room, making it impossible to get the decoration rating high enough​​​​​​.

1 Be Careful With Management Quests

At the start of every area, you'll be greeted by Fin, who will help you build up the resort in that area. Once all of his quests are finished in an area, he will simply disappear and head to the next area that you'll be unlocking.

Once Fin is gone, the board beside him will have an exclamation point on it. This is where you can accept management quests. These are related to your resort and require you to reach a certain point in it for a cool reward.

You need to be careful while accepting and finishing management quests, as it has a certain drawback. Once you finish a quest, it will increase the requirements from the guests that will request a stay at your place. This means that they will need higher decoration, comfort, hygiene, and food points respectively.

While this is good in general, you can be stuck at a certain point if you rush too many management quests. There is a chance that you will start getting higher expectations than you can provide, making it impossible to accept guests in that particular resort.

You can safely accept and finish a certain management quest because the expectations rise only when you claim the reward from the sign board. Make sure you claim the rewards only when you're completely sure you can handle the raise.

If you accept a guest with high expectations, and you can't meet them, they will leave a mediocre, possibly even a negative, review for your resort.

This can have a drastic impact on the popularity and payment of your resort, and it's basically irreparable damage.

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