Best Solo Boss Fights In RPGs

Boss fights are often some of the most memorable moments in video games. Taking on a huge and terrifying enemy after hours of hunting them down is something that will likely always have gamers on the edge of their seats. On rare occasions, one of your party characters from your favorite games will head out to take on a boss alone.

A one-on-one duel with a boss may seem like the kind of thing that would get repetitive if you experienced it too much, but somehow, RPGs almost always manage to keep that kind of fight feeling fresh. There’s usually a unique story reason for a one-on-one fight to take place and they are generally incredibly epic. These are some of the best.

10 Yuri Vs. Estelle – Tales Of Vesperia

It’s fairly common to end up in at least one duel throughout the many games that make up the Tales series, but one of the best comes from Tales Of Vesperia. Initially, it seems like you could be headed into the final battles of the game, but instead, you’re forced into a fight with one of your party members.

You take Estelle on as a group at first, but Yuri steps into the fight on his own, knowing that he may need to kill Estelle. It’s a tense moment in which many players had no idea what would truly happen. The duel itself ranges from tough to simple depending on your level and artes, but it’s still a great moment.

9 Frog Vs. Magus – Chrono Trigger

Something that makes the duel between Frog and Magus so great is that not only is it optional, but you could have never even known it existed if you have a more forgiving nature. Most people know that Magus is a recruitable character in Chrono Trigger, but not many know of the tough solo battle with Frog.

It’s narratively satisfying for Frog fans, but there are other closes to Frog’s story that are even more satisfying. Depending on your level and equipment, the duel might actually end up being fairly easy for you, but it’s probable that most people will struggle.

8 Barubary Battle – Breath Of Fire 2

There probably weren’t all that many people who were interested in taking on the Barubary fight in Breath Of Fire 2 with just a single character. You have to face the boss a few times, and most people consider Barubary to be one of the tougher bosses to face.

It’s possible to take the fight on with your party as you actually have the choice between a duel or a full-force attack, but those who choose to duel will be in for a challenge. Most people suggest over-leveling your character in order to even stand a chance against the boss.

7 Loghain Duel – Dragon Age: Origins

Most of the time, when it comes to facing a character one-on-one, you don’t have much choice in which character handles the fight. In Dragon Age: Origins, you can actually choose from any of your party members when it comes time to duel Loghain.

Since most characters are vastly different, there are a variety of ways to tackle the considerably tough fight. One of the easiest ways to take him on is with a skilled rogue, something that will allow you to essentially break the fight.

6 Cecil Fights His Darkside – Final Fantasy 4

The fight between Cecil and his dark counterpart in Final Fantasy 4 is one that may have caused a few game-overs. The fight is important to the overall narrative of the story, and the easiest way to beat it is to pay attention to the story.

Anyone who attempts to battle the Dark Knight will surely fall in just a handful of turns if they don’t waste most of their inventory first. As Cecil has chosen the path of light, the correct option is to actually not attack your enemy, something that likely surprised many when they experienced it for the first time.

5 Duel Akechi – Persona 5 Royal

If you loved the base game of Persona 5, you’ll love everything that Persona 5 Royal added to the game. One of the things that players enjoyed was getting another chance to get their hands on Akechi, something that is handled in a one-on-one fight when the right conditions are met.

Depending on your level and the Persona available, the fight can be pretty tough. That said, there are a few persona that can nullify most of Akechi’s attacks, making the duel a simple fight. It is part of Akechi’s social link, so don’t expect anything too over-the-top from the fight.

4 Lloyd Vs. Kratos – Tales Of Symphonia

One of the best RPGs to grace the Nintendo GameCube was Tales Of Symphonia. The fascinating story has plenty of unique twists, one of which eventually sees the main hero Lloyd taking on former ally Kratos.

Throughout the game Kratos had been proving how powerful he is through cutscenes, and even by dominating your party every once and a while, making the eventual duel even more climactic. Lloyd has to prove to himself that he can’t be stopped, and Kratos, for spoilerish reasons, wants to see how Lloyd has progressed on his journey.

3 Noctis Vs. Ardyn – Final Fantasy 15

The final battle between Noctis and Ardyn is fantastic. It starts out rather simply, but it quickly becomes an all-out brawl both on the streets and in the sky. The entire fight is a huge spectacle, and one of the most incredible sights of the entire franchise.

Many have criticized how easy the fight is, but many others don’t care about difficulty, and simply enjoyed taking down Ardyn once and for all. It’s a dynamic, and surprisingly simple fight that every Final Fantasy fan should experience, and the game’s long journey makes it all the better.

2 Sora Vs Riku – Kingdom Hearts

Sora actually takes on a handful of bosses on his own in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, but one of the best is his first real duel against Riku. The entire battle is epic and it sees Riku utilizing every ability he can to defeat Sora.

It’s probably safe to say that every gamer felt how important it was for Sora to stop Riku, both in order to save his oldest friend and to stop a horrendous plot. If you’ve honed your skills with the game up to that point, the fight shouldn’t be a problem, but it can still be tough for many players.

1 Cloud Vs. Sephiroth – Final Fantasy 7

There are actually a few different solo fights in Final Fantasy 7, but it’s hard to deny just how good the final confrontation between Cloud and Sephiroth is even if it is somewhat short. After battling Sephiroth with your party, it becomes clear to Cloud that he hasn’t been beaten for good.

When Cloud arrives for his final fight, it doesn’t take much to finish off Sephiroth. The two swordsmen clash and Cloud finishes his rival off with his classic limit-break Omnislash. As far as ways to close out a story go, their exciting duel is a great choice.

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