Best Tips To Get Apex Legends Wins On Nintendo Switch

Apex Legends is available on Nintendo Switch, and even though you can play it there, you probably should not. That’s the reality of it is that Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch does not look or run as smoothly as it does on other systems. And yet, if it’s your only way to play Apex (or you really want to become a Switch Predator) then this will just have to do.

In this guide we’re going too outline a few basics that should help you gain the edge when playing Apex Legends online on Nintendo Switch. As long as you have your controllers, friends, and strategies in order, you just might be able to eke out some wins over bigger, tougher, 60FPS players. Just read through our tips below in order to score some victories.

Competitive Controllers

The Nintendo Switch JoyCon analogue sticks are not built for competitive shooters. They’re just not. The range of motion is limited, and if you’ve had your Switch for a while now, you just might be experiencing the notorious JoyCon drift. That’s no good. You really need to be using an official Pro Controller, or failing that, a decent third-party Pro Controller replacement, or in handheld mode, the Hori Split Pad Pro. If you’re using a Switch Lite, well… I’m sorry.

Avoid PC Pals

You think being matched up against console players is bad? Try PC players. Competing with 60FPS is one thing, but competing with 144FPS is quite another. PC players will be aiming faster than you, and getting more visual information than you, making it easy for you to be outpaced and outplayed. Luckily, you will only deal with PC players if you are playing alongside a PC player. Essentially, make sure to avoid PC players when choosing friends to partner with, and you’ll stand a better chance. Slightly.

Console Comrades

You should be selective with your teammates. I’ve already said that PC players are a big no-go, but other Switch players are, quite frankly, not going to help you much either. What you should do in an effort to get as many wins as possible is team up with a few other experienced players, have them make fresh Apex Legends accounts on Xbox or PlayStation, and then play with them exclusively. Your low level should see you paired against inexperienced players, giving you an edge in battle.

The Gyro Edge

Certain controller types will not allow you to use gyro controls, but if you have that official Pro Controller, then this might be the best way to play. Gyro controls shouldn’t be relied upon at all times, but when making those tiny tweaks to your aim, gyro can absolutely help you get those headshots you need to get ahead and do a bit more damage. There are also detailed gyro control settings, so you can pretty much disable them for general play, and crank them up when aiming with a Kraber.

Ranked Season Split

Every half a season your ranked standings will reset, and this is when you should not be playing. As a Nintendo Switch player, your ranked standing probably isn’t too high, when a reset is approaching, or the end of the season, you should grind out ranked mode, as most capable players will be high above you, leaving the lower leagues open for you to abuse and grab some wins from. Good luck!

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