Bethesda cancels digital showcase in June, will not have E3 equivalent

E3 is already cancelled but it seems some publishers won’t even have an online-only alternative, as Bethesda struggles with the coronavirus.

The cancellation of E3 last month forced publishers to tear up all their plans for revealing new games (and in Microsoft’s case consoles) this year but many of them quickly promised that they’d figure out some kind of online alternative.

Bethesda though has admitted they won’t even be able to do that, and frontman Pete Hines has said that due to ‘many challenges’ relating to the coronavirus pandemic they will not host any kind of event in June.

He wasn’t any more specific than that and so it’s not clear exactly what the problem is, but it’s probably a combination of upcoming projects not being far enough along in general and the more specific problem of getting demos and trailers ready in time for June.

Bethesda has previous warned that both Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 are many years off yet, and while GhostWire: Tokyo and Deathloop are thought to be more imminent they’re probably still not this year.

Hines does leave open the possibility of a showcase later in the year, perhaps something to coincide with Gamescom in August – in whatever form that takes (the European equivalent of E3 hasn’t been cancelled yet, but it’s looking increasingly doubtful whether it’ll be a physical event).

It now remains to be seen what other publishers will do, with Microsoft, Ubisoft, and indie publisher Devolver Digital currently being the only ones to commit to a digital event in June.

Nintendo has implied they’ll also do a Nintendo Direct at the usual time, although recent reports suggest they’ve had to shelve plans to have a major Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary event.

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