Biomutant: Best Automaton Upgrades

When you first launch Biomutant, you don’t have many abilities at your disposal. You can run, roll, and shoot your shiny guns, but that’s about where the fun ends. If you’re looking to gain a few powerful perks, you’ll want to figure out how to upgrade your loyal, mechanical Automaton.

Once you’ve discovered that the Automaton can be upgraded, you’ll probably want to go out of your way to unlock everything it has to offer. Here’s what you need to know about upgrading your Automaton in Biomutant – and the best abilities to unlock first.

How To Upgrade The Automaton In Biomutant?

Upgrading your mechanical companion is actually a simple process. As you slowly work your way through the Main Quest, you’ll receive a notification that a new side quest is available – dubbed “Mirage.”

When this happens, jog over to the NPC, start the quest, and tackle the short combat sequence to complete it. With that done, your reward is a free upgrade to the Automaton. The Side Quest can be completed in four different locations and four different rewards are available. Don’t worry – all upgrades can eventually be unlocked, although some are more beneficial to beginners than others, and you’ll want to carefully consider each one before making an upgrade.

What Are The Best Automation Upgrades In Biomutant?

Unfortunately, figuring out which Automaton upgrade is the best is a bit like asking, “Which color is best?” Each one offers a wildly different advantage, and figuring out which is best is very much a personal decision.

Here’s the full list of unlockable Automaton upgrades in Biomutant:

  • Air Glider: Gives you the ability to use a parachute-like contraption to glide through the air after a double jump.
  • Power-Up: Enable this from the consumable menu to temporarily boost your damage output.
  • Turret: Provides your Automaton with a turret that assists you in combat.
  • Health Injector: Provides a health boost in combat and can be activated through the consumable menu.

While all four of them are viable first choices, we’d recommend going with the Air Glider to speed up your travel time for far-away destinations. However, if you’ve been having issues with combat, one of the other three might be a better option.

In general, however, this upgrade pattern should work well for most players:

  • Air Glider
  • Health Injector
  • Turret
  • Power-Up

As for what the “best” upgrades are – that’s entirely up to your play style. I found the Air Glider to be the most exciting of the bunch, simply because it opens up a new gameplay mechanic that let me easily explore Biomutant’s world. The Turret is also a great choice, although it’s not as beneficial as having a health boost in combat. And while both the Power-Up and Turret are a nice boost to DPS in combat, I found that I didn’t have an issue with my base damage output – rather, my lackluster defense made the Health Injector a better fit for my build.

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