BitLife: 8 Beginner Tips

There aren’t many games that will let you adopt a child, rob a bank, win the lottery, and marry into royalty, but this is where BitLife comes in. It's a free, text-based mobile game where you can become a shining beacon of morality, a conniving charlatan of the lowest depravity, something in-between, or something completely different.

That being said, you’ll still need to progress your character through childhood, education, relationships, and more if you want to make your dream a touchscreen reality. So, in this guide we’re going to run through a few pointers to help you build toward the life you want to live.

Money Makes The World Go Round

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it’s better to cry in a Mercedes than a milk float. Having cash to spend not only makes your life easier, but also opens many doors. If you want to be smarter, foot the bill of college tuition. If you want to be happier, splash out on a vacation. If you get into trouble, buy the best lawyers around.

Getting rich early in life is pretty random, depending on if your parents are generous and if they have any money to give. Plus, there’s the odd chance you roll poorly and become… well, poorly, which gets expensive fast.

Instead, use this time to build your financial foundations. More friends and family means more people to ask in a pinch. A part-time job might only make a few bucks, but it could get your stressed-out character a sorely needed spa day. Plus, a high-smarts skill will improve your chances of getting a scholarship: that’s free money to take a course to make better money!

Take Advantage Of Your Youth

Whilst you can’t do anything as an infant, soon you’re able to have some autonomy over your life. Getting close with your family growing up — even if they’re stingy about giving money — will give you easy ways to increase your happiness. Spending time, having conversations, and going to the movies with them all help keep you happy.

At 11 years old you can manage your schedule, join cliques, and can take part in extra-curricular activities. Use this free time wisely, because unless you can afford to be unemployed as a young adult, this age group has the perfect combination of spare time, free activities, and personal healthiness to improve your character overall.

Enjoy the Variety, Then Specialise

Before you turn 18, there’s a lot you can be involved in. Excelling at school, forming masses of friends, and — if your parents can pay for it — attending classes in acting, instruments, or even martial arts. On the other hand, your character’s financial situation might change, they may develop a serious illness, or a life-changing event might give you different ideas for this life.

If you have a specific plan in mind, you might need to face the music and restart. But if you’re sticking to the run, get involved in as much as you can before picking a career, as each activity has its rewards. Study hard to improve your smarts in the hopes of a scholarship, or become a strong swimmer so you’re less likely to drown. Throw your net wide and learn a variety of skills, then specialise as you grow up.

Avoid Downward Spirals

Just as good decisions lead to better opportunities, it’s also very easy to go from bad to worse. For example, if your character’s happiness gets too low, they may become depressed, if left unchecked, this can lead to them needing a mental institution. The best way to ‘cure’ their depression is to increase their happiness, but each increase is less than usual because they have depression.

This can mean taking a vacation, seeking medical attention, or trying to change life paths, all of which cost a lot of money. Tracking your character’s stats is great, but focus on their close relations and lifestyle too. If their parents are growing old, they asked for a raise and got rejected, or they just lead a stressed life, be prepared to find them some time. Prevention is better than a cure.

Keep in Someone’s Good Books

Maybe you want to play a loner character, there’s no one you want to make friends with, or perhaps you don’t care for the company. Whatever your reason, try to have at least a couple of solid relations at any given time, especially when you’re very young and old, as this is when your character is at their most vulnerable — gearing up and winding down their life.

When things go bad, it’s nice to have someone you can ask for money, help you with a problem, or just have a conversation with. Keeping solid relations with your family gives you somewhere to stay whilst you save for a place, and your best friend might be the one to save your life. You don’t have to know everyone, but be popular with those you do.

Read Their Stats

Whilst your character might want a career in neurosurgery, amazing looks won’t help them know the difference between the hippocampus and a hippopotamus. If you have a plan in mind, make sure they’ve got the skills to back it up. Remember, there are also secondary stats outside the main four that can be just as important, like athleticism, fighting moves, and instrument skills.

Similarly, a small drop in health might seem like nothing, yet it could be the first warning sign of a major condition that needs addressing ASAP. Meanwhile, going through puberty might increase their looks dramatically, opening new doors or explaining why you got a recent friend request. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and see if there’s anything that’s been overlooked.

It Happens

Everything’s going great! You’re loaded, have a loving family of your own, are surrounded by friends, doing a job you love. Then just like that, your character dies in a car crash.

It’s the worst, you’ve invested so much time and effort, getting to know who they are, and making up little narratives for your characters. We certainly have. But sometimes, when BitLife rolls the dice, it rolls poorly.

This tip is more of a buyer beware, an allergies label on the back of the app — Warning: contains death. It doesn’t mean you can’t decrease the odds of it happening though. If they drive a vehicle make sure it’s properly maintained, have a healthy lifestyle, and avoid the witch doctor until it’s your last resort. At the end of the day, all good things must come to an end.

Pass Down Your Legacy

Just because your character died doesn’t mean you can’t honour their name. At the bottom of the activities tab, there’s a Will & Testament option. So long as you have family, you can leave them your assets and money as inheritance, and then pick up that character as your next playthrough. There are even a few achievements for long-lasting generations too.

The big reason for doing this is developing generational wealth, and passing down your success to the next in line. If you don’t make any impulsive spending decisions or get stuck in prison paying rent and making no cash, your grandkids can amass a small fortune in their twenties. Then, invest in a few assets to cover your back and presto, you’re set for BitLife!

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