Black Desert Mobile’s Field Of Valor Returns For A Limited Time

The fast-paced action of Field of Valor is back in Black Desert Mobile for a limited time, pushing adventurers into intense, 30-minute battles in groups of five. The requirements are as simple has having the required listed CP for the difficulty your party wishes to tackle. The rewards are always listed before beginning a battle, and they do not change regardless of which random battle area players are sent.

As one would expect, the higher the difficulty, the greater the rewards that will be given out after. Since the difficulty ranges from levels 1-6, with required CP ranging from 2400 to 4300, players can begin with easier content and gradually progress towards the top prize.

Once in a battle, players face off against a gauntlet of opponents until the half an hour duration has passed. At that point, players will all receive rewards regardless of who defeated an enemy or boss, but drops can be different among each party member. Players should be careful to enter with sufficient bag space, since a full bag will block further rewards. Finally, knowledge for a boss is obtained upon its defeat.

Best of luck to everyone in the Field of Valor! While there is no firm end date, the mode will likely only remain for a short while like its first introduction into the game.

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