Black Desert Online Patch Notes Reveal Changes To Black Spirit’s Adventure

The latest Black Desert Online patch notes are now available, revealing big changes to Black Spirit’s Adventure and minor adjustments to a few popular classes. Gamepad features have also been expanded, and a new season of the Old Moon Grand Prix has finally begun.

The latest patch notes for Black Desert Online focus primarily on the big changes made to Black Spirit’s Adventure.

“The original Black Spirit’s Adventure had no real consequence for failing to reach the finish square, but while focusing on revamping the board, we neglected this important part,” Pearl Abyss announced. “And so, today’s update will remove the ‘Failed to Finish’ option entirely, revamping the board to now allow for anyone to enjoy without fearing to fail.”

Pearl Abyss has also enhanced rewards for completing a round and plans to add rewards for additional rounds up to 75. Here’s a high-level view of the recent changes to Black Spirit’s Adventure:

  • Changed the rules for Black Spirit’s Adventure. Now there is no penalty for failing to reach the finish square.
  • Removed “Rolls to Finish”, which stood for the number of dice rolls left to reach the FINISH square from the START square.
  • Removed “Failed to Finish” with the removal of “Rolls to Finish”.
  • Removed the “Lucky Day” Arcana cards, which added additional rolls to finish, with the removal of “Rolls to Finish”.
  • Issued Black Spirit’s Dice to compensate for the type of “Lucky Day” Arcana cards in your possession.

The latest Black Desert Online patch notes reveal a lot more changes, so be sure to head over to the official BDO website and give them a read.

This week also marks the arrival of a new season of the Old Moon Grand Prix. Here are the highlights from the patch notes:

  • Beginning with the new season, you will gain points for every race you run, and your overall ranking will be updated depending on the points you accrue.
  • Selecting a racecourse in the Old Moon Grand Prix Race Info window will display your personal records pertaining to that course.
  • Personal records will display your best time and the number of times you completed that specific course.

For those who prefer using a gamepad, you’ll be happy to know that you can now use the Gamepad Exclusive UI after activating your gamepad. This will change your UI to look just like the one seen on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As with most updates, this one brought some balance adjustments to popular classes in Black Desert Online. The adjustments this time around are minor – only changing a few graphical effects and slotable skills.

To see the full list of Black Desert Online patch notes, check out its official website.

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