Blade And Sorcery PC Update Adds Clothing, New Spells, More

Blade And Sorcery’s PC version now has clothing and inventory systems as well as plenty of other new features in a beta release of an incoming update.

Update 11 has been a long time coming for the physics-driven VR combat game. Last week, developer Warp Frog released an early build on the update with the warning that it would break mods and introduce a lot of bugs. If you do choose to grab the beta, though, you’ll get a first taste of various new systems including clothing for avatar customization and new spell combinations. Check out some of the updates’ biggest features in the video below.

Also new in this update is a tutorial designed to teach players locomotion and mechanics. Perhaps most interesting are the promised animation and performance changes. Warp Frog says animations have been reworked to make combat more “fluid and dynamic”, though lots of tweaking is still needed for this feature. Performance, meanwhile, should see a “big boost” on most systems. You can check out a full changelog right here.

As for the game’s Quest version, Blade And Sorcery: Nomad? Warp Frog says that will probably arrive a few weeks after the full launch of Update 11 on PC. It will include all the new content added to PC, but not the same graphics and performance changes.

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