Blaseball Is Taking A Break Following The Ultimate "Snackrifice"

Nobody really knows what Blaseball is, not even Blaseball aficionados. However, for many players, the deeply strange sports sim offered a lot of entertainment during these quarantine months, all the way through Season 11. Now, the developer behind Blaseball, The Game Band, says that it’s taking a break to plan the next season and focus on other ventures.

In a blog post, The Game Band notes that Blaseball was far more successful than the developer ever anticipated, and that it has blossomed from a side project to an “all-consuming endeavor.” However, though the game is supported by Patreon, the developer says that Blaseball is not yet profitable, and it is introducing a $20 a month backer tier to help alleviate that. That tier will have access to a monthly Q&A session with the team behind the game.

The Game Band’s first game, Where Cards Fall, is coming to PC and consoles in early 2021. It was previously an iOS exclusive due to an agreement with Apple Arcade. Blaseball Season 11 culminated with the game’s playerbase defeating a risen peanut god following the conclusion of the playoffs.

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