BMW Teams Up With Pokemon For A Pikachu-Branded Mini

Gamescom's Opening Night Live had a few bizarre surprises, starting with Kojima's new podcast and ending with BMW and Pokemon teaming up for a new concept car.

It's called the Mini Aceman Concept, a brand-new electric-only Mini crossover with a definite Pokemon bent. Activate "Pokemon mode" and you'll be greeted by Pikachu on the massive OLED screen whenever you enter the car. It also has an external LED projector to let you watch your favorite Pokemon while sitting on the car's roof rack.

Throw in some dazzling LEDs on the front panel and a bunch of Pokemon-themed visual effects on the dashboard, and you've got an electric crossover that screams "Pokemon" so loudly that it'll make up for the fact there's no noise coming from an internal combustion engine.

Mini's Pokemon crossover seems to be the start of a new marketing campaign aimed at young gamers. Pokemon is easily the biggest gaming brand in the world, so it makes sense for Mini to get started with Pikachu and company.

But you don't have to be a Pokemon fan to experience the Mini Aceman. Mini has set up a website where you can play a game where you drive an Aceman around over several tracks. The game has simple WASD controls and no actual goal–you just drive around and do cool flips and tricks that you otherwise would never be able to accomplish in real life without voiding your warranty (and possibly killing yourself). Each map has its own soundtrack, so if you don't like the vibe, just swap to a location that better suits the Aceman's mood.

So far this is just a concept and there's no word on if BMM will make this Mini for real. However, the concept car itself is real enough, and if you're heading to Cologne you can experience the Mini Aceman at Gamescom in the merch area. Attendees can even go inside and recharge their batteries through the car's many USB ports.

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