Bravely Default 2: How To Unlock The Gambler Optional Job

Bravely Default 2 features many of the same elements as previous titles in the series, with there being a focus on players being able to change the job and sub-job of the various Heroes of Light. There are multiple jobs that you will unlock throughout your playthrough, however, there are two jobs that are entirely optional, and so are easily missed.

One of these jobs is the Gambler, a role that embraces chance and uses a roulette wheel to dictate the effectiveness of its attacks or recovery skills. For everything you need to know about how to unlock this job, we’ve got it all covered right here.

How to Unlock the Gambler Asterisk

In order to unlock the Gambler Asterisk, you first need to complete the quest “Taking a Gamble”. However, this side quest isn’t as straightforward as other quests, as you must take part in a card-based mini-game in order to progress.

This quest is available once you have progressed through the storyline enough to have obtained the Beastmaster Asterisk. Head to the Gambling Hall and speak with the NPC shown in the screenshot above to kickstart the quest and learn all about the B ‘n’ D minigame.

Taking a Gamble Walkthrough

Shirley will introduce you to B ‘n’ D, giving you a base deck to use and a quick tutorial playthrough to teach you the basic mechanics of the game. After this, head to the top of the gambling hall and speak to Orpheus to hear how Shirley cheated him, and he’ll also give you a new card to help you best her. You then need to defeat two other B ‘n’ D players in the gambling hall; the lady on the bottom left of the above screenshot, and the man on the bottom right, both of which have the B ‘n’ D logo above their heads.

If at any time you feel the need for a refresher course on B ‘n’ D, you can speak to the NPC behind the bar on the left of the gambling hall to access the tutorial again. The old woman NPC is a breeze, but you might have trouble with the man. After you have defeated both of them, you then need to return to Shirley to defeat her in a real match of B ‘n’ D. If you find yourself struggling, grind out wins to earn enough points to points to eventually buy the best cards from both of the NPCs. A great card to get is Horten, which can be purchased for 45 points from the male B ‘n’ D player.

Save before you try to take Shirley on. Losing to her will result in a game over, and winning will throw you straight into a difficult battle with her, Orpheus, and two guards.

This battle won’t be easy, so prepare yourself by setting your party up with decent roles and stocking up on plenty of recovery items, such as Phoenix Down, potions, either, and you’ll definitely want some Wake-Up Bells.

Take out the guards as quickly as you can to reduce the number of enemies you are facing. Orpheus will keep buffing everyone, so they can deal some rather nasty damage to your team. Avoid attacking Orpheus with physical attacks as he will often counter these with additional buffs, making the whole fight all the more difficult. Focus on using Water-elemental magic on him, which is his weakness. He’ll also sometimes counter magical attacks by inflicting sleep, that’s why you’ll need those Wake-Up Bells. Keep on top of healing your party while steadily inflicting damage and eventually you will be victorious.

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