Bravely Default 2: Secret Ending Found By Defeating “Unwinnable” Boss In Prologue

If you’ve been into Bravely Default 2, then you likely already know that many of the boss battles in this game are not what most would consider “easy.” The game might not be as difficult as many people thought upon the start of their first pass, but most wouldn’t make the argument that you can breeze through the boss battles, especially not those towards the end. However, there is one boss battle in particular during the prologue that the game sets you up to lose.

There are mild spoilers for the prologue and secret ending ahead.

Adam is an enemy who shows up in the prologue to take the wind crystal away from Gloria. Though your team tries to oppose him and it turns into a boss battle, Adam will almost certainly one-shot everyone on your team, and you will lose the battle. The game is designed for the player to lose here, as doing so sets in motion Sloan’s standoff against Adam, allowing for the rest of the team to escape before they’re killed.

However, someone has found that this “unwinnable” battle is, in fact, winnable. The battle is certainly unwinnable if you’ve just started the game, but it’s speculated that by choosing “New Game+,” you can make your characters powerful enough in the previous game that they can actually handle this battle. Reddit user Jervis_TheOddOne posted that they were able to win the battle, unlocking a different ending for the game.

If you’re able to defeat Adam at the beginning, you get one of the most anti-climactic endings of all time, in which the game basically tells you that this was unexpected, and the game is over. After that, it offers you a way to reload the game just before the battle, and it informs you that you must lose in order to progress with the story.

As far as secret endings go, this one is less than exciting, though that’s not completely uncommon in this genre. But perhaps, if you’re looking for a new challenge after beating the game once, you could add this battle as another personal achievement to knock down.

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