Breath of the Wild: How To Complete Shee Vaneer Shrine

Nintendo made a lot of changes to The Legend of Zelda with Breath of the Wild, arguably the most significant being a massive overhaul to how dungeons worked. Where the average Zelda game features a few full sized dungeons for Link to explore (usually with puzzles and combat challenges that keep players inside for around an hour), Breath of the Wild instead features a mix of Divine Beasts with Shrines.

While Divine Beasts function as the closest thing to dungeons in Breath of the Wild, Shrines are ostensibly 120 bite sized mini-dungeons usually focused on a single puzzle. For the most part, Shrines are designed to be completed in a single session with whatever players walk in with; but there are two notable Shrines that simply cannot be completed on a first visit.

Shee Vaneer and Shee Venath Shrine can be found in the Dueling Peaks region, requiring Link to study the layout of both Shrines to beat their puzzles. Along with being particularly difficult to find early on in the game (demanding quite a bit of Stamina on the players’ part), Shee Vaneer & Shee Venath are two of the most confusing Shrines in Breath of the Wild without a little guidance.

Finding Shee Vaneer

Both Shee Vaneer and Shee Venath can be found by the Dueling Peaks Tower in the West Necluda region. Shee Vaneer’s Shrine is specifically at the top of the southern mountain of Dueling Peaks. Link will need at least Tier 1 Cold Resistance, so either make a meal or equip the Warm Doublet/Snowquill Set.

The safest way to scale the southern peak is to start from the fork between the Big and Little Twin Bridges. It helps to have some of the Climbing Set (the Bandana can be found in Ree Dahee Shrine on the northern peak) and at least a few meals to recover Stamina/give Link temporary Wheels.

Inside the Shrine, you’ll notice a 5×5 set of bowls with orbs already set in place. Leave the orbs in place and take the elevator up to the second floor of the Shrine. Use the Camera Rune to take a picture of all the bowls – this is actually the solution to Shee Venath, which itself holds the solution to Shee Vaneer. Link can’t actually complete the Shrine right now, so exit.

Completing Shee Venath

Shee Venath Shrine can be found right across from Shee Vaneer on the north peaks. If Link has Revali’s Gale, feel free to use it to fly over to the northern peak and quickly reach Shee Venath from Shee Vaneer. Otherwise, players should warp to Dueling Peaks Tower and glide over to the northern peak to begin their climb.

Keep in mind that Shee Venath isn’t at the very top of the mountain, however, and somewhat hidden underneath its peak. Once inside Shee Venath, take the elevator all the way up and snap a picture of the 5×5 grid down below. Before leaving the Shrine, go back down and readjust Shee Venath’s spheres so that they match Shee Vaneer. This will unlock the Shrine’s gate and allow players to claim a Spirit Orb from the monk.

Completing Shee Vaneer

Since Shee Vaneer has already been visited, players don’t actually need to scale back up the entire mountain. Check the world map on the Sheikah Slate and warp to Shee Vaneer. Once inside, do as you did in Shee Venath and readjust all of the spheres yet again. Cross reference the Sheikah Slate’s photo album to know exactly where they go and Shee Vaneer’s gate will unlock, allowing Link to claim a second Spirit Orb.

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