Bugsnax: 10 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About The Main Characters

The quirky Bugsnax is the latest addition to November’s PS+ Games. Its fun gameplay pulls you in with the attractive creatures’ design and a charming adventure. But it is the story that allows this game to shine. Young Horses’ plot-driven game has a welcome (and surprising) amount of emotional depth and character development.

During your stay on Snaktooth Island, you’ll meet a plethora of characters, each with their own set of beliefs and problems to solve. It is good writing that makes fans care about these characters. It creates connections with Snaktooth’s inhabitants and makes players want to know more about Bugsnax’s world and the Grumpuses (or Grumps), even after they’ve finished the game. Here are some interesting details about them that new players may not know.

Spoiler alert: The last 3 entries contain major story spoilers, so read at your own risk!

10 Everyone Is A Grumpus

Grumps are the dominant species of Bugsnax’s game world. Although they don’t look like humans, they speak, live, and walk like humans in the real world. Grumpus’ bodies consist of a cylindrical torso with little legs and bigger arms covered in fur. The color of their body, as well as their nose shape, varies between individuals.

Every Grumpus has one defining accessory, so players can tell them apart even after their body is fully made of snacks.

9 The Earlier Version Of Grumps Looked Very Different

The Young Horses team shared a picture on Twitter of how Grumps looked in the earlier stages of the game’s development. This first design had a cylindrical body, tiny eyes in the center of the face and horns.

Although the body shape remains pretty much the same, it’s a relief to note that the final design is much cuter, not the nightmare fuel it was earlier in the process. Thanks to this initial design’s memetic potential (a trait the game shares with the PS5 itself) that caught a lot of attention from Bugsnax fans, an emote of its face was added to the Young Horses Discord server.

8 There Are 100 Different Species Of Bugsnax On The Island

While progressing through the game, you’ll have the chance to discover, hunt, and capture over 100 different Bugsnax. Each has its own distinctive likes, temperament, and calorie intake. Gotta catch ’em all!

Each Bugsnak is acquired through a different catching method. It’s up to you to solve their unique puzzles, using the large variety of bait, gadgets, and tools at your disposal to lure each creature. The end goal is to deliver the delicious half-bug half-snack to a hungry Grumpus. Gotta catch ’em all!

7 How The Grumps’ Names Came To Be

Just like everything else in this game, Grumps’ names are quirky and fun. With names like Eggabell Batternugget and Floofty Fizzlebean, it’s natural to wonder how the developers came up with these ideas.

The development team at Young Horses has stated that, to name a Grumpus, you have to choose a common first name and substitute letters until it becomes semi-recognizable. Then, pick a fun noun or adjective. Done? Good, now pick another noun or verb. Finally, combine your nouns, verbs, or adjectives and ta-da! You get the surname.

6 Filbo Was The First Character The Team Designed

Filbo Fiddlepie is the friendly but clumsy Mayor of Snaxburg on Snaktooth Island. He quickly became a fan-favorite Grumpus among players and has been heavily featured in the Bugsnax promotional content.

However, what many fans don’t know is that Filbo was the first Grumpus designed and his design worked as the blueprint for all the other Grumps in the game. According to Young Horses, his design’s central idea was “a little flip-top trash can creature.”

5 Clumby’s Full Name

There are a few things fans know about Clumby. She’s the player’s boss, she works at GNN and she’s so skeptical at the existence of Bugsnax that she threatens to fire you unless you get back to her with proof that the creatures do exist. After all, you’re a journalist on a “monster hunt.”

But there’s one tiny detail the game doesn’t tell you: Clumby’s full name. Sure, the plaque at her desks reads “C. Clumby Clumbernut,” but her first name remains a mystery even after you beat the game. It turns out that Clumby’s full name is no other than “Clum  Clumby Clumbernut,” according to the development team on Young Horses’ Discord.

4 Bugsnax Don’t Have Mouths

Every Bugsnax player knows that Bugsnax are food, but what do they eat? Well, it seems that these creatures don’t have mouths, which means they don’t need food. This should be the first sign that something is off with the cute Bugsnax. After all, animals need mouths to eat and live and thrive.

The more you think about it, the weirder and sad it gets. There are Bugsnax, like Bungers, who go crazy for specific condiments. Still, they will never know how tasty ketchup is.

Before you continue, note that the next entries contain major spoilers!

3 Elizabert And Her Crew Aren’t The First Ones To Inhabit The Island.

After Elizabert goes missing, the remaining members of her expedition disseminate all over the island and start settling down as best as they can (given the circumstances). However, these aren’t the first groups of Grumpus who thought life on Snaktooth Island was a good idea.

The achievement “Wonderfalls” isn’t exactly one of the hardest achievements/trophies in gaming. It simply asks you to look into Flavor Falls’ waterfall. Once there, you’ll notice two statues of Bugsnax, forgotten in time. They have been there for quite some time, as one of them is half-buried in the ground. Bugsnax don’t have the ability to make these, so they were probably made by some other Grumpus civilization that worshipped these creatures. What happened to those Grumps? When you finish the Learn The Truth questline, Lizbert reveals to you and Filbo that the island is what’s left of everyone who came before them. Every living thing that wasn’t a Bugsnak became one with Snaktooth island, a huge plot-twist hinted in the game’s theme song.

2 Clumby Is A Member Of A Secret Organization.

In the post-credit scene, you can hear Clumby talking over the phone with a mysterious character. She explains her concern that the player and the other Grumps know what is going on with the Bugsnax. The call ends with the voice telling Clumby “Tu quid edas,” which translates to “you are what you eat,” to which she responds “Omne vivum ex Bugsnax,” which means “all life is from Bugsnax.”

The identity of the Grumpus on the phone isn’t revealed. The voice might that of a member of The Grumpinati (although most Grumps believe this secret organization is a conspiracy theory). On the other hand, those who believe in the Grumpinati’s existence suspect they’re behind the creation of Bugsnax.

1 Bugsnax Aren’t Bugs

Here comes one of PlayStation’s biggest recent plot twists: players find out that the cutesy, seemingly harmless Bugsnax aren’t bugs nor snacks, but parasites that take over your body if you let them.

They operate by taking over their host’s body and mind and making that Grumpus addicted to eating them. They’ll keep eating more and more, eventually transforming completely into Bugsnax. This dark twist might surprise players, but the clues were there from the beginning. After the transformation is complete, the deceased Grumpus becomes part of the island, serving as a new terrain for the next batch of unaware Grumps that come to Snaktooth Island.

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