Bungie Confirms No Plans To Delay Deep Stone Crypt Raid

Bungie’s senior community manager has confirmed on Twitter that there are currently no plans to delay the release of the newest raid, Deep Stone Crypt.

Since the launch of Beyond Light, the developers have been busy squashing a variety of bugs, mostly caused by the new subclass called Stasis. Currently, the exotic grenade launcher Witherhoard has been completely deactivated thanks to some overpowered interactions with certain bosses as well as an incredible visual bug that turned every weapon into a grenade launcher. Further, this week’s Nightfall: The Ordeal needed to be rotated out prematurely thanks to a potential softlock during the boss encounter, daily and repeatable bounties on The Moon had to be disabled, Trials of Osiris has been delayed until the weekend of the 27th, and most importantly, Warlock Stasis super is one-shotting bosses.

Video of Warlocks using their Stasis Super to instantly kill bosses in both raid encounter, Last Wish and Garden of Salvation, have been cropping up on Reddit this week. Today, Twitch streamer Gladd showed us how the Warlock Super can be used to one-shot the Primeval in Gambit matches. It’s something that Bungie will want to fix ASAP, but many have been wondering if they’ll be able to fix it in time for the release of the new raid this coming Saturday, November 21.

On Twitter, Bungie senior community manager dmg04 confirmed that there are currently no plans to delay the release od Deep Stone Crypt. According to dmg, the team is working on alternate fixes to the Stasis bug and will have updates for us later this week — likely when the TWAB comes out on Thursday.

We’ve seen similar bugs like this in the past that have caused mass amounts of damage to boss and players. Last year, Telesto had to be removed from the game while they fixed a bug that was causing havoc in Crucible. And who can forget Prometheus Lens weekend back in Year One?

Hopefully, nothing else will have to get removed from the game while they work on solving the issue. Salvation’s Grip seems like a likely candidate though, as the interaction with Warlocks’ shatter seems like an important part of the wombo-combo.

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