Bungie Recreates Halo’s Cover Art In Destiny 2

Bungie has recreated some of its most iconic covers in Destiny 2, including Halo: Combat Evolved.

As of late, Bungie has been a lot more open about its past with Halo, possibly due to its own 30th anniversary, and the 20th anniversary of Halo. Those celebrations have already given us some pretty cool things in Destiny 2, such as modified versions of the M6 pistol, Battle Rifle, Focus Rifle, and Energy Sword, but it looks like Bungie isn't done celebrating its history just yet.

In a Tweet posted on Bungie's official account earlier this week, the studio shared versions of some of its most iconic cover art over the past 30 years, recreated using in-game Destiny characters and fonts. The first of these is its recreation of the Halo: Combat Evolved cover, the one that started it all. Well, started all of Halo anyway, not Bungie.

The recreation is pretty spot-on, right down to the green helmet and yellow visor that the Guardian on the front uses. You've also got another Guardian standing in for a marine and the Halo font used for the title. It's the crossover we've always dreamed of. Next up we have a recreation of the original Destiny's cover, this time with the words "Destiny 2, 1991- 2021" emblazoned across the front. At least the Guardians here have had a bit of an armour upgrade. They're in the same stance and pose, at least.

Marathon is the next game to get the Destiny 2 recreation treatment, although it's a little harder to pick out since both covers just use a logo from within the game and a unique font. The final cover art to be recreated is Pathways into Darkness, a game from Bungie back in 1993. This time around it's been replaced by "Destiny: Vault of Glass". At least it's won an award for "Game Hall of Fame 2014". It's also pretty cute to see Destiny 2's system requirements listed at the bottom.

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