Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War update: When is the DMR nerf coming to Warzone?

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A lot of COD fans are wondering when the DMR-14 will be nerfed in Call of Duty Warzone, with many hoping it will be part of the next major Black Ops Cold War patch.

The weapon which came to Warzone as part of the wider integration with Black Ops last year has become one of the most talked about.

While the Mac-10 has proven a top choice when encountering players at short-range, and the Diamatii picking up plaudits due to its over the top firepower when dual-wielded, the DMR in Warzone is something else.

It has quickly cemented itself as the go-to weapon to unlock and level up as it provides a unique mix of traits.

While the DMR-14 in Warzone is a Tactical Rifle, it can be upgraded via the Gunsmith to have 40 rounds and an increase to both damage range and bullet velocity.

Combine that with a selection of mid-range scopes and a high firepower rate, and you’ve got quite the package.

I’ve never been one to opt for a tactical rifle in Warzone but having seen the devastation the DMR can cause; I can see why it’s dominating.

The DMR is a perfect choice for a Duos game as it can put down two players with just a few of its many bullets.

Not only that, but the speed in which you can do this makes it very hard to fight back against.

Perhaps without the right cover and skill, you can beat someone wielding a DMR in Warzone, but, it’s still going to be a tough fight.

Plenty still enjoy the Kilo combo and the sniper rifles available, but other fans of Battle Royale say they’re taking a step back until the DMR is nerfed.

As gamers have been debating, the speed in which the DMR can take you out of the game, is just too high right now.

“Damage is exactly the issue, the fire rate is WAY too high for this type of damage and you don’t even have time to react.

“You’re dead if the shooter is not a bot, and with just one bullet to the head, you’re cracked with health missing and with that fire rate you’re dead in literally 0.4 seconds at any range, since there’s no range damage drop off like other guns.

Others point out that while the Mac 10 is another popular choice right now, it doesn’t suffer the same level of over-powered consequence.

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“The Mac 10 doesn’t have any single traits that render it virtually unbeatable; it’s better than other SMGs and can take on shotguns easily, but it is nowhere near as bad as the DMR.

“The DMR has negligible recoil, literally no damage drop-off, manageable bullet velocity, can two-shot, uses the most common type of ammo and is just as mobile as an AR.”

“It wouldn’t be such a problem if other guns in the game had similar TTK. There is no reason why I should rip someone with a Kilo from 50m out and I get shredded instantly with a DMR.

“I don’t have mine levelled because I know they’ll eventually nerf it, but I picked one up off a dead enemy and the gun is just ridiculous, way too easy compared to other weapons. To the people whose k/d has gone up the last week or so because of this gun, get ready to being trash again real soon.”


When it comes to nerfing the DMR in Warzone, it’s almost guaranteed to happen later this month.

While last few weeks has been a time for the development team to take a break, there’s no doubt that plenty of feedback has been trickling in.

While no set date or time for the next Black Ops Cold War patch has been announced, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn it’s not far away.

The key question here is whether it will contain any kind of re-balancing for the current weapons available?

Technically, the next Black Ops and Warzone update could be released this week, as Tuesdays are the usual day for patch launches.

While January 5 or January 7 are possible dates for a Warzone weapon nerf, we would expect to take a little longer.

So gamers may have to wait until at least the middle of January before any massive changes are released for the game.

It should be noted that this remains a prediction for now and gamers should keep an eye on the Raven Softward and Treyarch social media accounts to check what’s coming next.

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