Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – How To Unlock The Akimbo Perk

Great news for players who love dual-wielding pistols, as the Akimbo perk has been added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward has finally added the park after the constant request by fans, and it is shaping up to be as exciting and sometimes as ridiculous as it has been in other games.

Players should note that while the perk is quite fun, it is not for everyone. Two pistols can be enjoyable to wield, but it comes at the cost of accuracy, and players can already be seen running around unloading their two pistols while seemingly hitting nothing but air. With a little practice the Akimbo perk can be both fun and useful, or players can simply play it safe and wait until they are closer to their targets before going all action movie.

Unlocking the perk is not overly difficult, as players only need to finish a set of challenges that are similar in overall theme. As shown below, players mainly need to secure kills across different matches using a variety of perks, and the process is more time consuming due to the number of matches needed than for being difficult. The challenges are as follows:

  • X16: Get three kills in five different matches with the Sleight of Hand perk
  • 1911: Get three kills in five different matches with the Mo’Money perk
  • .357: Get three kills in five different matches with the Recon perk
  • M19: Get three kills in five different matches with the Frangible-Wounding perk
  • .50 GS: Get three kills in five different matches with the FMJ perk

When everything has been completed, players will be able to equip the perk. Visiting the Gunsmith to edit a loadout is the first step, and once a sidearm has been chosen, players select the Akimbo perk. In no time at all players will be running around waving two pistols through the air.

Apart from the Akimbo perk, the most recent update from March 3 brought several other changes to keep in mind. Shoot the Ship 24/7 has replaced Dirty Old House Boat, 3v3 Gunfight has replaced 3v3 Snipers Only, 1v1 Me Bro is available on all Gunfight maps, and Giant Infection has been removed from the playlist. Finally, Boots on the Ground War has been updated to regular Ground War without tanks and with the removal of Realism.

Best of luck to all players who are looking to grab the Akimbo perk!

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