Call of Duty Modern Warfare Update DELAY: PS4, Xbox Warzone download pushed

Call of Duty Modern Warfare players are anticipating their next big update to the game today, but unfortunately, it's been delayed from the sounds of things.

In Activision's weekly blog update on Monday evening the notes suggested that the updates various collections of new content and bug fixes, would be arriving by 11PM PT.

That's noticeably later to when updates would normalyl ship, which would typically take place at 11am PT, which is actually 6pm GMT in the evening.

Many believed this might be some sort of typo.

However, Call of Duty experts Charlie Intel is sticking to their guns and suggesting that Activision's blog post was accurate and not a typo.

In fact, they believe the delay to the update might be deliberate given the current climate and the extra stress being placed on internet services.

Here's what Charlie Intel has said on Twitter:

"10AM PT today: Talon Operator Bundle available in-game store for both Modern Warfare and Warzone"

"11PM PT tonight (yes PM): New update with new 6v6 map in Modern Warfare + new weapons in Warzone."

When question if this was accurate, the account replied: Yes, because having a major update during the day right now when everyone’s at home playing is not smart so late night is more appropriately timed".

It seems all players will need to wait much longer before they can get their hands on the new content.

For those in the UK, this means the new update won't arrive until 5am GMT Wednesday morning.

Those wishing to know more about what new content is coming, follow the link to our original story that lists all Call of Duty Modern Warfare changes and updates set to arrive in the game later today/tomorrow morning.

Very briefly though, the main updates consist of a new 6v6 map and four new weapons to arm yourself within Call of Duty Warzone, the recently added free-to-play battle royale mode.

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