Call Of Duty Warzone battle royale out next week hints Dr Disrespect

It could be less than a week now till the launch of Call Of Duty’s new battle royale mode, with streamers seeming to hint as much.

As with many things in the gaming world at the moment, the question is not so much if, or even when, the battle royale mode for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is out, but why Activision just doesn’t get a move on and announce it.

Despite more leaks than a colander on the Titanic, and blatant hints about it in the current menu system, Activision has not officially acknowledged that battle royale is a thing for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.

But thanks to numerous leaks, and what some fans believe to be clues in-game, the release date is believed to be Tuesday, 10 March. And no less than Dr Disrespect seems to back that up.

Although the famous Twitch star didn’t mention a specific date, he was chatting with fellow streamer Kraftyy when they got onto the subject of wingsuits in Call Of Duty.

‘I didn’t expect the wingsuit. It’s been a while since you’ve pulled out the old wingsuit’, said Kraftyy.

‘I might bust it out next week,’ said Dr Disrespect. ‘Just don’t forget this conversation gentlemen. Next week you’re going to see the wingsuit.’

Everyone watching the stream immediately knew what he was alluding to and considering Dr Disrespect has probably been well paid to promote Warzone he quickly tried to backpedal.

‘No, it’s not Warzone. No it’s not confirmed. That’s not what I’m saying, I didn’t mean that,’ he said, while quickly changing the subject and not explaining what he did mean.

One suggestion for the lack of announcements from Activision is that the mode has been delayed precisely because streamers like Dr Disrespect don’t like it, and it’s currently being altered to please them.

There’s no proof for that though and while there are dates within in-game maps that seem to suggest 3 March as being important, that’s obviously been and gone now.

Whatever’s going on it’s not a figment of anyone’ imagination, as the Modern Warfare main menu still has a big chunk cut out with the words ‘Classified’ plastered all over it – not to mention footage in one video that is blatantly from a battle royale mode.

Whether you’ll get to play it next Tuesday though is still hard to say for sure, but oddly YouTube has been un-banning some videos that show how fans have glitched into the map ahead of time. But at this point all anyone really wants is an official start date.

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