Call Of Duty: Warzone – How To Get Colorful Bullets

Tracer packs are bundles in Call of Duty: Warzone that include colorful bullets. Here’s what else they include and how to get them.

Call of Duty‘s offering to the ever-increasing battle royale genre, Warzone has already become an incredibly popular title. That’s despite Warzone only being on the market for a few weeks, and players having to download the entirety of Modern Warfare if they want to play it. However, in terms of timing, Warzone couldn’t have launched at a more opportune time.

Chances are more people are forgiving the mammoth download than would have if everyone wasn’t currently cooped up at home. That means more people are playing Modern Warfare for the first time and might not be aware of everything Warzone offers. Tracer packs, for example, which allow players to equip brightly colored bullets, among other things.

One of Warzone‘s tracer packs can be seen in action below. The bullets serve no other purpose than to look pretty, and also to show that they actually landed, of course. But as has been proven by other battle royale titles in the past, many players value the aesthetic over items that will actually improve their prowess. There are four types of tracer pack and unfortunately, the only way to get your hands on any of them is to cough up a little cash.

Tracer packs currently come in four different colors: red, blue, green, and pink. The only caveat, other than having to pay cold hard cash for this perk, is the bullets only work with certain weapons. The good news is that each color tends to be compatible with two weapons, and in every instance up until this point, the compatible weapons come as a part of the same tracer pack as the bullets.

Tracer packs tend to cost somewhere in the region of 2400 CoD points and as mentioned above, tend to be available sporadically. The green tracer pack, for example, was released to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The newest pack added to the CoD store is the anime tracer pack which is the one that will turn the bullets of certain guns pink. As we said, there’s no advantage to be gained from tracer packs, they’re just a bit of fun.

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