Call of Duty Warzone Release Date ‘confirmed’ by Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect?

Call of Duty Warzone, the battle royale mode for Modern Warfare that is, at the time of writing, unannounced but known to pretty much the whole world, didn't launch last night.

There was suggestions that Infinity Ward had teased a possible release given a small change to one map that hinted at a possible '03/03' release.

But come 5pm, the weekly Call of Duty Modern Warfare update simply did what it does every week. It rolled out a new playlist update and made a few tweaks to the store.

Sure a smaller update was also pushed, but this was mainly bug fixes and such. There was no grand unveiling for the new mode, let alone anything resembling a tease.

With March 3 squarely crossed out, the most obvious release date for the game mode to launch would be next week on March 10.

This would also make sense given the loose timetable that's been teased somewhat by Video Games Chronicle editor, Andy Robinson.

Previously VGC had hinted that the Warzone release date was pegged for "early March" and the editor had ruled out the chance of the March 3 release in an exchange on Twitter.

Assuming Infinity Ward are sticking to an early March release, then March 10 makes the most sense. If they leave it any later, and plan to release on their weekly Tuesday slot, then March 17th feels far too late.

To help reinforce these suggestions, it's possible that one Twitch Streamer, known to the world as Dr Disrespect, could have also given a big hint at a possible launch next week.

Whilst streaming last night the Twitch star didn't outright say when it was coming, but he dropped a big clue (via Metro) whilst chatting with another streamer known as Kraftyy when discussing wingsuits in Call Of Duty.

"I didn’t expect the wingsuit. It’s been a while since you’ve pulled out the old wingsuit", said Kraftyy.

"I might bust it out next week," Dr Disrespect replied before then adding "Just don’t forget this conversation gentlemen. Next week you’re going to see the wingsuit.’

As you can imagine, everyone who was watching the stream at the time started asking if he was talking about Warzone.

Naturally, Dr Disrespect backtracked fairly quickly telling his viewers "No, it’s not Warzone. No it’s not confirmed. That’s not what I’m saying, I didn’t mean that," but by now he's probably let the cat out of the bag.

Not that it matters all too much for the worst kept secret in gaming.

Given we know that various Call of Duty streamers have been to visit LA recently for a preview, it seems likely the Dr is well aware of its launch date. He'd have to know so he can plan his schedule of content for one thing, so for now, we'll just have to wait until next Tuesday for what seems like a fairly nailed on release date for Warzone.

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