Call of Duty Warzone: Roze Skin ‘ruining Warzone’ as fans find new glitch

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Warzone season five trailer released

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Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 has plenty of new weapons to wield and Operators to unlock, but none of them is proving as controversial as the Roze Skin. And many are hoping to see the design removed from the game, with some pointing out that the Call of Duty Warzone Roze skin ruins matches. Launched back in Season 5 as part of the Modern Warfare Battle Pass, with the Rook Skin a 100 Tier reward. And due to it being a limited-time release, the all-black outfit Warzone Roze Skin is not widely available to gamers who are just starting out. There is an alternative that pops up in the Call of Duty Store, but this version doesn’t include the same Rook all-black design. And gamers have even found a new issue with the hard-to-spot outfit, with a new glitch reportedly found in-game. According to those playing Warzone in Verdansk, the Roze skin can appear to be headless whilst using a Heartbeat Sensor.

This doesn’t provide a huge advantage but it could cause some serious issues if bad timing occurs during a sniper shot.

Roze is also part of the current Warzone lore, with Activision providing this updated bio for Cold War Season 2:

“Prominently featured in Season Four, especially within Season Four Reloaded, Roze joins the Allegiance side of what remains of the Armistice alliance to defeat the ongoing threat in Verdansk and beyond.

“Rozlin Helms, AKA Roze, is an American citizen who was raised up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Up in the cold and harsh conditions of the region’s wilderness, she honed her skills as a hunter and tracker.

“Her natural born abilities gave her the tools she needed to become an Army Ranger, gaining proficiency in small-unit tactics and close combat engagements during her deployments. Following her discharge from the military – the details of which are classified outside of all ties being severed between her and the Rangers – she joined the Jackals, an Allegiance faction founded by Zane to protect the African continent. “

And the Roze Skin is a controversial subject among gamers, with Warzone fans hoping to see the design removed from the game.

There has been a huge amount of discourse regarding the skin and how it’s so hard to spot in dark corners.

And most gamers who have played Warzone during Season 2 will have run into at least one scenario like this.

Gamers discussing the problems online posted these comments: “There’s also a 0% chance they remove it since it was sold to consumers and it would require some sort of refund to anyone who bought the BP that season.”

“They could just make a few cosmetic changes to make it more visible though.”

“Any skin that isn’t a bright color can hide well in bushes. I’d rather they just redesigned the lighting of this game. Put the sun at 12 o’clock so it’s not in your face, and get rid of dark shadows indoors. such stupid fucking decisions to have the sun glaring in your face when you look a certain way outside and to have such dark areas indoors.”

And it isn’t just casual gamers getting frustrated with the current situation, with more prominent Warzone streamers hoping to see the Roze skin changed.

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, a content creator for 100Thieves, shared the same sentiment on Twitter, adding that he thought the Roze skin is ruining matches, telling gamers:

“The Roze skin is ruining Warzone.. It should 100% be removed from the game. It’s impossible to see players in shadows.”

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