Call Of Duty: Warzone’s DMR Is Getting Nerfed

It’s no secret that the DMR 14 has been running wild in Call of Duty: Warzone. A semi-automatic tactical rifle, the DMR 14 has the range of a marksman rifle and the fire rate of an assault rifle, allowing players to down entire enemy squads at long-range with a few well-placed shots. When paired with dual Diamattis or the MAC-10, a skilled Warzone player can become an unstoppable force that’s impossible to play against.

The DMR had warped the Warzone meta so badly that anyone not running it was put at a severe disadvantage. Players complained that Warzone was becoming “unplayable” thanks to the DMR 14’s dominance, and it’s at that point that Raven Software felt it was finally time to step in.

“Don’t fret,” Raven tweeted out yesterday. “We’ve heard you and a balance update is coming soon to address concerns about the DMR 14, Type 63, Mac 10, and dual pistols.”

The DMR 14 is definitely going to be the main focus of this upcoming balance patch, although the MAC-10 and dual Diamattis can also be problematic. In a short-range engagement, both the MAC-10 and Diamattis have incredibly short time-to-kill values that can be hard to play against, and also vastly outclass anything else in the same slot.


Getting Warzone and Black Ops Cold War to behave nicely in the same sandbox has been a bit of a challenge, apparently, but a few missteps along the way are to be expected. Raven Software has made it clear that the upcoming changes are only going to affect Warzone, so don’t expect the MAC-10 or DMR 14 to behave any differently in Black Ops Cold War.

Now if only Ravensoft could get these mixtapes played in Cold War’s music player, that’d be swell. It’s totally weird you can only use those tapes in a vehicle but you can’t use them with the game’s built-in jukebox.

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