Captain America Face Glitch In Marvel’s Avengers Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Marvel’s Avengers has enjoyed a great deal of attention in the first week of its release. While players have had plenty to say about the game—both good and bad—folks are also starting to post about the ugly. Specifically, the goofs: a glitch affecting one of Captain America’s skins has been making the rounds on Reddit lately, and let’s just say it’s not pretty.

Reddit user @jakbutt posted a video documenting the glitch. In the video, Captain America runs through idle animations in his Front Line skin: rolling his shoulders, stretching out his neck, and shadowboxing, all while his eyeballs make every effort to escape from his face. Something’s horribly wrong with the good Captain’s mouth, his teeth clips through his lips, and his nose moves like someone’s messing with it using The Sims’ character creator.

It is, in a word, completely uncanny! And jakbutt isn’t the only player having this problem; a number of Redditors commented that they were seeing similar glitches while using the Front Line skin. Looking outside of Reddit confirms that Steve Roger’s all-American face going remarkably melty only seems to occur when he’s in the Front Line skin, though players have reported that he’s also been known to float on occasion.

Captain America isn’t the only person whose skin has glitches, though his case is certainly the most unnerving. One Redditor noticed that Black Widow’s comics-accurate skin had her famously red hair glitching black. Furthermore, Captain America’s nightmare-inducing face glitch and Black Widow’s dye job come on the heels of a number of issues reported with Marvel’s Avengers. The game crawls on the PlayStation 4; beyond slow loading times, Marvel’s Avengers also features broken scenes, low frame rates, and good old buggy activity.

The PC version doesn’t do so hot for itself either; PC players have reported that the game has severe stability issues, although Marvel’s Avengers has announced that its next patch, to be launched next week, will be fixing these. On the other hand, addressing Captain America’s nasty little face glitch may take a while, considering Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have more pressing performance issues to fix first.

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