Captain America Has Now Appeared In The Item Store More Than Any Other Fortnite Skin

Captain America has now become the most frequently featured Fortnite skin ever to have appeared in the Item Store by developer Epic. According to recent reports on the matter, the superhero has been featured no less than 81 times over the course of the last two years.

The news comes from a sharp eyed observer known as OloupanyBanan on Reddit. “Captain America now has more shop occurrences than any other outfit, appearing in 81 rotations since 2020,” the user noted in a thread of the same name.

The response on the part of the community has of course been confusion. “Well, um, what about Aura? Like, you said any other skin,” a user going by the name of ShadowMarine1X replied. “What about this one?” Someone calling themselves ThisIsSpy on the social media platform replied that “while Aura is in the shop every month, she stays for just one day, very rarely she stays for a few days.”

As for why Captain America has been the focus of so much attention by Epic, ThisIsSpy noted that “Marvel sections stay for a long time and Captain America just so happens to be one of the first Marvel Item Store skins.”

This comes in the wake of news that Destiny 2 could be getting some Fortnite content. According to a couple of notorious leakers, there might just be a crossover of some kind on the horizon. The dataminer known as GinsorKR recently shared an image of three Guardians wearing what appear to be armor sets inspired by Fortnite, one of which looks a lot like the Black Knight skin, a Tier 70 reward from Season 2. The second seems to have been inspired by Drift, a legendary outfit from Season 5.

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