CellarDoorGames Confirms Rogue Legacy 2 Is In Development

With yesterday being April Fool’s Day, developer CellarDoorGames knew it couldn’t officially make an announcement regarding Rogue Legacy 2. While many speculated a sequel was in development, it wouldn’t have been believable yesterday. Today, though, everything changes.

After a small teaser last night, the cat is out of the bag. The long-awaited sequel to one of the more influential modern entries in the rogue-like genre is fully in development. CellarDoorGames only has some concept art and a short GIF to share, but that’s still better than mere speculation.

For the audio side of things, a short snippet of the soundtrack for 2was shared on Twitter. Sounding much more grandiose than the original, both Judson Cowan and A Shell in the Pit will be returning to compose the new soundtrack. This is likely everything fans were hoping it would be.

We’ll be learning more about Rogue Legacy 2 in the coming days. From the look of these screenshots, the game seems to be in the early stages. The artwork is fantastic and I like the updated look, but the lack of any kind of video makes me believe we’re a year or so off from release.

At least we’ll have our pit of dead ancestors to keep us company…

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