Chaosium Releases Free Pendragon RPG Scenario, The Adventure of the Great Hunt

Chaosium has announced the release of The Adventure of the Great Hunt, a free scenario for the King Arthur Pendragon RPG. The free scenario is part of Chaosium’s WeAreAllUs 2020, an annual celebration to commemorate the passing of famed TRPG game designer and Chaosium founder Greg Stafford, who passed away two years ago this week.

The Adventure of the Great Hunt scenario also offers TRPG players a brief look at some rules for the 6th edition of the King Arthur Pendragon RPG. The 6th Edition Rules Preview encompasses six pages of the 26-page PDF, and includes six pre-gen characters and numerous NPCs and beasts. The Adventure of the Great Hunt scenario is free to download from the Chaosium website.

Known in the TRPG world as “the Grand Shaman of Gaming”, Greg Stafford passed away in October 2018. It’s also widely known that he considered the King Arthur Pendragon RPG to be his magnum opus. According to the announcement, Stafford originally outlined The Adventure of the Great Hunt scenario “way back in 1991”, and Chaosium has presented it to the public here for the very first time.

The King Arthur Pendragon RPG (Pendragon) was first published in 1985 and features the age of ancient Britannian chivalry and “the marvelous world of King Arthur and the champions of the Round Table.” In Pendragon, you roleplay as knights, squires, and members of the royal courts during the time of Arthurian legend, seeking your own place of honor and glory alongside “Arthur’s vision of a just and humane future”.

The Adventure of the Great Hunt PDF includes the most fundamental rules you need to know to play Pendragon, including Glory & Honor, the Resolution System, character Attributes, Traits, Passions, and Skills, and combat. The Great Hunt scenario itself may be played as a solo quest or as part of an adventure series, and is best set “during the Conquest Period (prior to the Roman War)“.

The scenario story starts with the Player-knights as “guests at the hunting lodge of Sir Servause le Breuse, an old knight and renowned hunter, located two days’ ride from Camelot.” A surprise and highly honored visitor enters the hunting lodge, and entreats upon the Player-knights for aid against a dragon threatening his nearby lands. Servause comes up with a cunning plan involving a panther, and if the Player-knights all agree to the plan, the Great Hunt begins.

Click over to read the full details on The Adventure of the Great Hunt announcement and to download the free scenario. The King Arthur Pendragon RPG is available on the Chaosium webstore.

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