Christmas Comes To Red Dead And GTA Online

GTA Online and Red Dead Online are finally getting into the holiday spirit, as both games are now offering several winter-themed events. From snowy skies to exclusive rewards, there’s a lot to dig into throughout the rest of December.

GTA Online may have just released The Cayo Perico Heist, but there’s a lot more to look forward to in the coming week. Holiday-inspired content will be available throughout the streets of Los Santos until December 30, giving you a chance to earn various seasonal gifts. Here’s a bit of what you can expect to find:

  • Snowy weather throughout southern San Andreas, along with holiday decorations at the Diamond Casino & Resort.
  • Seasonal gifts including the Vibrant Stitch Emissive Mask, the Red Bleeder Festive Sweater, and the Green Cluckin’ Festive Sweater.
  • A holiday package loaded with firepower – inside you’ll find the Firework Launcher, 20 Firework Rockets, and several other explosives.
  • A free Grotti Brioso 300 when visiting Super Autos in southern San Andreas.

Rockstar hasn’t forgotten about the wild west, and Red Dead Online is seeing just as much holiday-themed content:

  • Snowfall throughout the map and decorations at various businesses.
  • Carolers singing throughout city streets.
  • Seasonal gifts including the brand-new Winter Evans Repeater and a coupon for a free Coat and Repeater.
  • Triple RDO$ and XP in certain game modes.
  • A new Legendary Bounty for Prestigious Bounty Hunters – Virgil “The Shephard” Edwards.
  • Holiday discounts on various items, including Shotguns, Bandoliers, Ponchos, and Shack Upgrades.

If you haven’t yet experienced the world of Red Dead Online, now is a great time to do so. Rockstar recently split the game from Red Dead Redemption 2, making it a standalone title currently available for just $4.99. It’s the entirety of RDO, too, with nothing missing from those who purchased and played it through Red Dead Redemption 2.

Both games are running the events until December 30, so stop in before or after the holiday rush to enjoy all the new seasonal content.

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