Chrono Trigger: All Party Members, Ranked

Regarded by many fans of the genre as one of the greatest RPGs of all time, Chrono Trigger has continued to impress to this day, thanks to its expansive storylines that encompass multiple time periods and a great, diverse ensemble cast.

With character illustrations drawn by Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, the designs of each character are very different from one another, yet remain cohesive because of Toriyama’s iconic art style. Each character has their own struggles and backstories, with no party member left underrepresented or underutilized within the group. Their strengths mean that you can use any combination of characters in your party and feel prepared to take on enemies in any time period.

7 Runaway Royal: Marle

Marle is the first party member to join Crono, asking him to show her around the Millennial Fair. It’s revealed early in the game that Marle is actually Princess Nadia and has snuck out of the castle against the King’s wishes. Her strong will and lively nature make her an interesting portrayal of the classic RPG princess, as she’s unwilling to sit in her castle as Lavos threatens the world.

Marle’s reconciliation with her father is a touching moment in the game, allowing father and daughter to heal the rift that was left after the death of Marle’s mother. Marle’s relationship with Crono is also a highlight, as they develop a strong bond throughout the game, especially shown when Crono returns on Death Peak.

6 More Than Just A Machine: Robo

Proof that robots do have feelings, Robo is discovered in the Future, broken, but fixed and reprogrammed by Lucca. Alongside Glenn, Robo has a non-humanoid design that makes him distinctive from the other party members. His robotic design fits in perfectly with the futuristic environments of 2300 AD, but his friendly demeanor means he stands apart from the other robots of this era.

Despite being hundreds of years old, Robo still shows an exuberance for life and remains positive, helping to lift the party’s spirits when needed. For example, if Lucca fails to change her mother’s fate, Robo comforts her, leading to her calling him a good friend.

5 The Brains Behind The Operation: Lucca

Lucca is Crono’s childhood friend and a genius inventor who created The Telepod that kick-started the party’s journey through time. Her intelligence comes in handy throughout the story, and without her intellect, you would never be able to recruit Robo into your party.

One of the memorable scenes of the game is when Lucca must input a password into a machine to stop it from crushing her mother’s legs, putting you straight into Lucca’s panicked mindset as she desperately tries to change her mother’s fate. This section has stuck in the minds of fans because of how it shows Lucca’s emotional vulnerability, and perhaps suggests that her love of technology stems from her desire to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.

4 The Silent Hero: Crono

The silent protagonist of Chrono Trigger, Crono is a courageous hero, willing to give his life to protect his friends and the world. He’s a protagonist you won’t begrudge having on your team because of his well-rounded abilities that make him useful and reliable in lots of different situations.

Thanks to Chrono Trigger’s impact on the genre, Crono has situated himself alongside main characters like Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 and Sora from Kingdom Hearts as the most legendary RPG protagonists of all time. His design has also remained memorable, as it includes the best of Toriyama’s design work with red, spiked hair and a katana that’s perfect for any up-and-coming hero.

3 The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend: Magus

A surprising addition to your party, Magus starts off as your enemy, before joining you to help destroy Lavos. The game does an excellent job of this transition, turning him from antagonist to antihero. As a child, Magus was subjected to the tyranny of his mother, Queen Zeal, who used his older sister Schala’s powers in her quest for immortality.

After the Queen’s plan failed, Magus was transported back in time to the Middle Ages, vowing to take revenge and find his lost sister. Compared to the rest of the party, his morals are questionable, making him a compelling character within the story. Magus’ high magic stat and wide range of elemental attacks are also a strong asset for your team.

2 Ayla Strong, No Lose!: Ayla

Chrono Trigger doesn’t take itself too seriously despite some of its darker elements and Ayla is a character that’s indicative of this light-heartedness. First encountered in Prehistory, she takes things as they are, valuing strength highly. Ayla herself is the strongest person in her tribe, which led her to take on the role of chief of Ioka Village.

Ayla also provides some humorous moments throughout the game because of her straightforward manner of speaking, such as when she says to Crono, “Yummy frog! For Ayla eat?” about Glenn. Despite often being the comic relief, Ayla has her moments to shine too. She’s a powerful ally to you in battle, having high physical attack and access to Charm, which allows you to steal items from enemies.

1 Kissed Any Princesses Lately?: Glenn

The courageous knight Glenn, aka Frog, is an amphibian like no other. Hailing from the Middle Ages, Glenn served as a squire under his best friend Cyrus. He soon came face-to-face with Magus, where Cyrus was killed and Glenn was transformed into his frog-like appearance.

Although Glenn is skeptical of joining your party at first, he decides to come along with you in the hopes of defeating Magus. Glenn’s journey from a timid child who was often the brunt of bullying to becoming a hero is one of the most touching character arcs in the game, and it’s satisfying to see him put Cyrus’ spirit to rest and take up the mantle as a brave knight. Glenn also has the added bonus of having a heroic theme that makes you feel ready to take on any challenge a Fiendlord could throw at you.

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