Concrete Genie: Where To Find Every Newspaper (& Unlock The Stories Of Denska Trophy)

Now that February is here, it’s time for the new PlayStation Plus titles! One of this month’s offerings is Concrete Genie. Pixelopus’ PlayStation exclusive follows Ash on a journey to paint a dying town back to life. With a magic paintbrush in tow, Ash and his genies set out to make Denska beautiful again.

Concrete Genie is not only a beautiful game but one that offers an easy Platinum Trophy to those willing to complete the game and scrounge for a few trophies at the end. The Stories of Denska Trophy asks players to gather all six Denska newspapers hidden throughout the game. Any player can complete Concrete Genie’s collectible hunt with the right guidance, adding another illustrious Platinum Trophy to their collection.

Newspaper #1: Denska’s Sad Fate

Newspaper 1 is found immediately after leaving the lighthouse in Chapter 1: The Lighthouse. Before taking the cable car into Denska, head over to the end of the pier. There’s a metal park bench at the end of the path. Head here to pick up Denska’s Sad Fate. After grabbing this newspaper, take the cable car into town, as the next item isn’t found until the next chapter.

Newspaper #2: Denska Likely Abandoned By End Of Year

After starting Chapter 2: The Fishing Port, look for a Big Jay’s Auto Shop logo. In between the graffiti and the refuse, there’s a makeshift table. Grab Denska Likely Abandoned By The End Of Year and proceed to The Hydroelectric Plant.

Newspaper #3: Packing Up

Right after starting Chapter 3: The Hydroelectric Plant, walk ahead to the second stop sign in the path. Head up to the smallest of the three crates to find the third newspaper, Packing Up. Keep an eye out going forward, as Chapter 3 has three newspapers.

Newspaper #4: Darkness, Or Despair?

The second newspaper in Chapter 3 can be found right outside the Denska Power Facility’s main gate. Look for the Denska Power: Hydroelectric Facility art. Several lightbulbs adorn the area around it. The fourth newspaper, Darkness or Despair, lies on the wooden barrel just beneath it.

Newspaper #5: Oil Spill Disaster

Right after moving a truck with the wind genie in Chapter 3, Ash will take a ladder underground. Once he’s inside, there will be a path with lockers lining one side. Directly ahead of those lockers lies a small table in front of a green sheet of metal. The fifth newspaper, Oil Spill Disaster, can be found atop it. Continue the story until Chapter 4 begins, where the final newspaper can be found.

Newspaper #6: All’s Well?

In Chapter 4: The Waterways, a set of black vines will stop Ash from moving forward in Zone 1. After removing the black vines obstructing his path, Ash will stumble upon crates set at the end of Zone 1. These crates are directly beneath a No Trespassing sign with a staircase to the left. Head up to the sixth newspaper and grab All’s Well to earn the Stories of Denska Trophy, getting one step closer to the Platinum Trophy.

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