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Coral Island is more than a sandy shore and some mystical trees. As you go about your daily tasks, a friendly host of faces are there to help you on your journey to becoming a fruitful farmer in no time. Making friends – and a few friends with benefits – does take some grafting, however.

You won't want to confuse twin sisters Suki and Alice, and lovable yet laconic Rafael might take some sanding down to reveal the soft heart beneath his brash outer shell. Here is a look at some key faces about town – and which ones you can cosy up to later on.

Shopkeeper Characters

There are 70 NPCS on Coral Island, including a handful of shopkeepers or tradespeople who sell their wares or services from the comfort of specific stores.

  • The one you'll interact with the most in the early stages is probably Sam, the General Store owner. He is your main man for buying seeds, selling produce, and picking up some freshly baked bread.
  • Dinda and her husband Joko are the resident Carpenters of Coral Island. You'll visit them to make some upgrades to your house and build additional structures on your farm, including a barn and stables.
  • Ling is a marine biologist based at the Lab. Bring her some kelp essence to upgrade your farming equipment, such as your sprinklers.
  • Frank runs the tavern with his romance-able brother Noah. Visit them to sink a few pints and get to know them better.
  • Mayor Connor is a pretty cool guy, having hung up his shopkeeping boots long ago in favour of running for office. He is one of the first people you meet, and it's he who will show you to your new digs when you first arrive at the island.

How To Raise Friendships On Coral Island

  • Give gifts to the villagers
  • Chat with everyone every day

Bachelors And Bachelorettes Of Coral Island

If your farm is feeling a bit lonely, there's a glimmer of romance on the horizon should you wish to go there.

With 22 romance options – both male and female – you can date, get married, and even have two children! You can be married to up to two people at a given time, but you can only date people seriously one at a time.

Here's a look at all your potential beaus:

CharacterHome Or OccupationGift Likes/Dislikes
AliceRuns the Coral Inn; found on the beach frequentlyLikes: green smoothie, minced jackfruit pie, almond oil, olive oil, dye

Hates: pizza

LilyFound near the Lake and Library; lives with her familyLikes: bonsai, kimchi, onigiri, omurice, cheese, wine, sunflower

Hates: diamonds

MacyPhotographer; lives in the InnLikes: pizza

Hates: pickles

YuriMedic; found at the ClinicLikes: fish sandwich, green curry, lobster

Hates: flowers

EvaBaker (Sam's General Store); found baking bread there daily and lives at the InnLikes: red velvet cake, cookies, orchids

Hates: garlic

LeahLives at The Mansion just off the main squareLikes: Pearls

Hates: mushroom, fish, coffee

NinaDoesn't live on the island, but frequently visits her holiday home on the BeachLikes: banana fritters, bouquet of flowers

Hates: raw banana, tomato soup

ZarahLives on her boat, and frequently sails to the other end of the island when she isn't thereLikes: rambutan, azurite crystals

Hates: roasted chestnuts

SukiRuns the Inn with her sister, AliceLikes: green smoothies, daffodils

Hates: pizza, pineapple upside-down cake

MillieYuri's roommate on Garden Lane; works at the LibraryLikes: veggie ramen

Hates: fish

KennyWorks and lives at the RanchLikes: vegan taco

Hates: cheese

NoahWorks and lives at the TavernLikes: durian, gnocchi, sunny-side up eggs

Hates: metal bars

RafaelWorks and lives at the Blacksmith'sLikes: onyx

Hates: salad

PabloWorks and lives at the Blacksmith'sLikes: sweet potato poutine

Hates: durian

SuryaWorks at the Lab with Ling as a marine biologistLikes: wild mushroom polenta, pink diamonds, golden pearls, rainbow wool, black roses

Hates: milk, seeds, trash

LukeOwner of the electronics store; lives behind the Vineyard with his familyLikes: wine, ratatouille

Hates: seashells

ScottArcheologist; lives on Main Avenue, found at the Tavern on weekend eveningsLikes: nodes, egg custard

Hates: flowers (tulip, violets)

TheoFisherman; found fishing at the LakeLikes: yellow moray eels, fish tacos, coconut, snow drops, bamboo shoots

Hates: beer, wine, milk

BenLives in his caravan and runs the Caravan Store near the Hot SpringsLikes: bananas, mushrooms, green tea

Hates: clam chowder, sea mushrooms, soy beans, sugar cane

CharlesA doctor at the Clinic alongside YuriLikes: strawberries, diamonds, falafel, cookies, blueberries, burritos

Hates: flowers

WakuuLives at the ObservatoryHates: green smoothies
MarkLives near the LakeLikes: shiitake mushrooms, tomato soup, hot cocoa, egg custard

Hates: hot peppers, goat's cheese

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