Curious Expedition 2: How To Restore Sanity

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The key to survival in Curious Expedition 2 is Sanity. This resource will most likely determine if you prevail or fail an exploration. Because of this, it's important to always keep an eye on your current Sanity level, and know when to restore it. This can be done in a variety of methods, which we'll go into more detail below.

When you reach zero Sanity, there is a chance to cause an Insanity Event. These can have drastic and detrimental effects, and should be avoided at all costs. They can leave your explorers or even main character dead if you trigger too many. Restoring your Sanity quickly and efficiently is essential for survival.

Sanity Restoring Items

When you begin an exploration, you will be given a budget from your club that you can spend on provisions. Early on, you'll most likely want to spend your money on Sanity restoring items like Chocolate and Whisky. These two items are great for recovering Sanity while exploring, and will be your main methods for doing so.

There are tons of other items that you can use to restore Sanity, like gatherable berries, snails, or meat. As you explore more, you'll discover better items to restore your Sanity, and some that can only be used at certain Sanity thresholds.


The most efficient way to restore your Sanity is to rest at certain areas. Villages, Missions, and various locations on the island are the perfect spot to settle down and rest for a few days, allowing you to restore your Sanity.


Resting in a village will cost two Standing with the villagers, meaning you won't be able to stay in a village to long before you're no longer welcome. If you've built up good Standing with the village, however, they'll let you stay a little while longer.

Additionally, with higher Standing, events may occur in the village while resting. For example, the villagers may ask you to dance with them, which, if performed correctly, will boost your party's spirits or earn you a special gift. If you can spare the Standing, resting at villages is the way to go.


Similar to Villages, resting at a Mission will also incur a small penalty. At Missions, you will need to pay a fee to rest, which can be done by trading with the Missionary. If you don't have enough items to trade to the Missionary, you won't be able to rest here. This makes Missions a bit costly, so you should only rest here if it's your only option.


The best places to restore Sanity throughout the island are natural rest spots like waterfalls or hot springs. Here, you can rest for as long as you like with no penalty, allowing you to fully recover your Sanity. When you find one of these special locations, be sure to take advantage of it and recover your Sanity.


This method is not as reliable as using items or resting, but can sometimes come in handy. For the first few turns of combat, when ending your turn, you will be restored a small amount of Sanity. Then, as the fight continues, this number will lower, until eventually each turn will deplete your Sanity.

The key here is to finish battles quickly. Taking down all opposing enemies within a few turns can actually grant you more Sanity than you started with, which can be useful in life or death situations where every point counts.

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