Danganronpa S: Guide To MonoMono Machines

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  • What Can You Get From The School Store?
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One of the best things about Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp is that you get the chance to play as practically every character who has appeared in the series. However, unlocking these characters' cards takes a lot of time and effort. That means a lot of trips to the MonoMono Machines over at the school store.

If you've played any of the Danganronpa titles before, you've definitely encountered a MonoMono Machine. However, there's a lot more to keep track of this time around. For instance, there are hundreds of cards with various levels of rarity. Plus, the school store now has four different machines to purchase from. So, how does one navigate it all without falling prey to pesky microtransactions? Keep reading, and we'll guide you through it.

What Can You Get From The School Store?

The school store has everything you need to get your summer camp experience up and running. As you continue to earn medals in the game, you will find yourself visiting here quite often. Here's a rundown of the items you can purchase.

  • Character Cards: Character cards allow players to develop and include their favorite Hope's Peak Academy students into their battle party. Each character has four character cards with different levels of rarity ranging from N, R, S, and U. Higher rarity cards can equip more skills, plus they gain more significant attribute and talent fragment boosts in Development Mode.
  • Hype Cards: Hype cards give their respective character stat boosts and increase their growth caps. Each character has nine hype cards, ranging in rarity from W to WR. Another novelty to hype cards is that they feature outstanding fan art of all your favorite characters!
  • Presents: Presents give your character various buffs in the Development Mode, such as gaining more money per battle or increasing experience from battles. You can equip two presents per Development Mode playthrough.

What Are The Different Types of MonoMono Machines?

So, you've entered the school store for the first time and noticed four different machines. You may wonder why there are so many MonoMono machines and if they differ from each other. To answer your question, each MonoMono Machine takes different currency and offers different card rarities. Here's a quick look at each one.

MonoMono Machine

The MonoMono Machine resembles the same machine from Trigger Happy Havoc. To use it, you need to spend Monokuma medals, which look like silver monocoins. There's no guarantee of high rarity cards in this machine. However, the medals required to use it are much easier to come by.

MonoMono Yachine

The MonoMono Yachine is a replica of the palm tree gacha machine from Goodbye Despair. Unlike the MonoMono Machine, the Yachine takes Monomi medals, which look like pink coins with Usami's face on them. The MonoMono Yachine guarantees card rarities S, W, and above.

Golden MonoMono Machine

The Golden MonoMono Machine looks exactly as the name implies. Furthermore, this machine's currency is Golden Monokuma medals, which closely resemble the gold-colored monocoins from the series. The Golden MonoMono Machine guarantees the highest rarity cards, U, WR, and PR. However, the golden medals it takes are much harder to earn.

Vending Machine

The vending machine sells cards through the Nintendo e-shop. In fact, you can choose exactly which card you wish to buy from the game's entire card album. So if you have the money to spend and there's something you particularly want there, you can use it. Still, it's not necessary. There's no exclusive DLC in the vending machine. All the vending machine does is eliminate the element of chance posed by the MonoMono Machines.

How Do I Get Medals?

You've been to the store and know what medals you need to use the machines. But how can you get yourself some medals to spend? The short answer is to keep playing the game. A lot of the rhythm and flow of Danganronpa S is defined by the grind. However, here's a breakdown of the two methods you can use to earn Mono medals.

Usami Flower

The Usami Flower Mode contains a list of game achievements that award medals upon completion. There are plenty of achievements to clear in Usami Flower, so you will continue to earn medals as long as you play regularly. Usami Flower Mode is also the best resource to get Monomi medals, which will give you spins at the MonoMono Yachine.

Battle Mode

The Battle Mode rewards medals for completing missions for each floor of the Despair Tower. Furthermore, enemies will drop medals on occasion as well. While the Battle Mode primarily rewards standard Monokuma medals, you can farm them a lot faster in this mode than through Usami Flower. You'll also earn the occasional Golden Monokuma medal and Monomi medal here as well.

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