Dark Souls 2: 10 Pro Tips For Farming Titanite

Titanite is one of the more valuable resources of Dark Souls 2. It’s used to upgrade all equipment in the game to higher levels of potential. Swords cut better and shields are more durable with enough upgrades.

As a result, every player will have to spend some time farming Titanite in all its forms to upgrade their gear. For players needing a substantial amount or a few to give them an edge in a boss fight here are some important tips to getting the most out of farming this precious material.

10 Items To Use

Regardless of what form of Titanite is needed the player should take a few items with them to improve farming efforts. The Covetous Gold Serpent Ring is a must-have item. It increases item discovery, meaning the odds of Titanite dropping from certain enemies will be higher.

Other useful items with this ability are the Traveling Merchant Hat, Jester’s Cap, and Prisoner’s Hood, though only one of these can be worn at a time. Finally, the Rusted Coin is a consumable that achieves the same item discovery increase for five minutes at a time.

9 Where To Find Titanite Shards

Titanite Shards are the basest form of Titanite and are much more common to find. These will reinforce an item up to +3. The Hollow Peasants in Brightstone Cove Tseldora can be fought to grind for these items.

Other choices are the Steelworker Undead in Earthen Peak and the Skeleton Warrior in the cave with Gavlan in Harvest Valley. These last two have higher drop rates than the Peasant Villagers as well.

8 Where To Find Large Titanite Shards

Large Titanite Shards will increase an item to +6 after it has reached +3. They aren’t as common as Titanite Shards to find but do appear in a number of places. There are a number of enemies that drop these. The Parasite Spiders in Brightstone Cove Tseldora are a good choice.

The Iron Keep’s Ironclads in Black Gulch Coal Tars are another farmable option. Perhaps the best is the Great Basilisk in Huntman’s Copse. It will drop three when it’s killed, it can also respawn through Bonfire Ascetics or by joining the Company of Champions.

7 Where To Find Titanite Chunks

There are a few places where Titanite Chunks can be found, but having a farming method is highly recommended. The Gyrm in Doors of Pharros can drop one. The Coal Tars in Black Gulch will also drop Chunks.

In PVE the best and worst, depending on player skill, enemies to farm for Chunks are the Hollow Peasants in Brightstone Cove Tseldora. It’s worth mentioning they also drop Shards, and Large Titanite Shards seemingly making them a great source for multiple item upgrading efforts. Reliably farming them is another guide in and of itself and many players don’t bother.

6 Where To Find Titanite Slabs

Titanite Slabs will upgrade an item to +10 and it only takes a single slab to do so. Only four can be found in the game which requires farming if the player intends to upgrade more than four items. Fortunately, a number of enemies will drop them.

The Stone Soldiers in Drangleic Castle, the Imperfect in the Dragon’s Sanctum, the Iron Warriors in both Brume Tower and Iron Passage, and finally the Crystal Lizards in Dragon Aerie will drop Slabs. Its players choice on which enemy is best to farm as the drop rates are relatively similar and it comes down to build, skill, and level on which is easiest.

5 Where To Find Twinkling Titanite

Twinkling Titanite will reinforce items up to +5 that cannot be normally reinforced due to their uniqueness. Items like Old Wolf Curved Sword or the Dragonslayer Greatbow are some examples.

Archdrake Clerics and Amana Priestesses in the Shrine of Amana are a great choice for farming. But the Crystal Lizards in Dragon Aerie also drop these items and the wooden chests there will respawn Twinkling Titanite making it a better option for many.

4 Any Kind

For players really wanting to cook with gas the best way to farm Titanite of any kind is to start with the Hollow Peasants in Brightstone Cove Tseldora. They’ll drop Shards, Large Shards, and Chunks. It’s tough, but for players who can thread that needle, they’re a great source of the lower varieties.

Once enough of those items are gathered players move to Dragon Aeire to farm Crystal Lizards. They’ll drop Slabs and Twinkling Titanite. Between the Hollow Peasants and Crystal Lizards players will be able to amass a variety of Titanite to upgrade just about anything.

3 Bonfire Ascetic

One way to help Titanite farming is to increase an area’s difficulty using a Bonfire Ascetic. Once used this will cause the area to increase an NG+ level without affecting the rest of the world. One effect of this is it causes normally non-respawnable things to appear because it’s a new ‘playthrough’.

For instance, there are three Titanite Chunks in the poison mist area near the Poison Pool bonfire in Harvest Valley. Once obtained they no longer respawn, but if the player drops a Bonfire Ascetic the area resets as NG+ and three new Chunks appear. This can be repeated endlessly by dropping Bonfire Ascetics on the bonfire here over and over again.

2 Covenant Perks

There are two Covenants the player can join that have helpful perks when farming Titanite. The Company of Champions will increase the difficulty of the game but also causes all non-special enemies to respawn. For instance, the Great Basilisk in Huntsman’s Copse will now respawn providing a renewable source of three Titanite Chunks whenever it’s killed.

The Bell Keepers are also a solid choice for more PVP minded players. Upon killing a Gray Phantom the player can be rewarded with a Titanite Chunk, Titanite Slab, or Twinkling Titanite. Combine this with Titanite Shard and Large Shard farming it’s a great way to keep the Titanite rolling in.

1 Trading

Alternatively if player’s want they can trade for the Titanite materials they need. Stone Trader Chloanne is a great source of infinite Titanite Shards, Large Shards, and Chunks if they’ve cleared Iron Keep, Drangleic Castle, and killed Nashandra.

Steady Handy McDuff will sell an infinite supply of Large Shards. Dyna and Tillo can work as they trade items like Small Smooth and Silky Stones, Smooth and Silky Stones, and Petrified Something for all forms of Titanite, though it’s random which item will result. To pursue Titanite with merchants players will need a solid soul farming strategy.

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