Dark Souls 3: Yhorm The Giant Boss Guide

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Yhorm the Giant in Dark Souls 3 is a Lord of Cinder, and one of the essential bosses you have to face in the game – as only after defeating all the Lords of Cinder, can the player face the final boss of the game. This one's a gimmick boss fight, so to speak, as the boss takes reduced damage from normal physical attacks, and you have to use the resources provided in the arena to defeat him.

The boss is located at the end of Profaned Capital sitting on his throne. Here is all you need to know to defeat him.

Yhorm The Giant Overview

Yhorm the Giant Overview
LocationProfaned Capital
  • 36,000 Runes
  • Soul of Yhorm the Giant
  • Cinders of a Lord
Weak ToStorm Ruler

Yhorm the Giant can be found in Profaned Capital, accessible through Irithyll Dungeon. You will come across a broken bridge, where a Gargoyle will drop down. Kill it and proceed further to reach the Capital.

In terms of NPC summons, you can be assisted by Siegward of Catarina. Siegward enters the arena in a cutscene when you enter the fog gate. The NPC will only help you if you have completed his questline.

Defeating the boss will get you their Soul, along with Cinders of a Lord.

Yhorm The Giant Attacks

Most of the boss's attacks look similar, and he does not have a large variety of them either. However, avoid getting hit by any attack as they deal some serious damage, and may even one-shot you

Yhorm The Giant Attacks


The boss uses both hands to slam down on the ground near the player. This attack cannot be blocked and will deal immense damage if not evaded.

Kneeling Smash

Yhorm kneels down and smashes his sword in the ground. He performs this attack if the player is beneath him.

Battle Shout

He shouts and stomps the ground, which does not deal damage but mildly staggers you.

Reverse Swipe

If the player is behind him, Yhorm will turn around and perform a swipe attack.

Lunging Punch

In the second phase, if the player is at a distance, Yhorm lunges forward and attacks with his left hand, which has massive reach.


You will be surprised how little damage you do if you use any melee armament. This is because the boss is strong against all kinds of physical damage, thus you will have to opt for a different option. Pyromancy users also face the same problem as the boss is immune to fire. However, Sorcerers can use the same Spells they have and whittle down his health bar.

For all players, there is an alternative way that allows you to take down the boss in a few attacks. As mentioned before, this is a gimmick boss fight, so you will have to use the weapon provided in the arena. As soon as the fight starts, make a run towards the boss's throne, where you will find the Storm Ruler.

All classes can wield this weapon, and it inflicts major damage upon Yhorm. The Storm Ruler has a special skill that must be used in order to finally take Yhorm down. You will have to charge the skill for a few seconds before you can unleash the storm gathered in your blade. This weapon is especially useful for melee weapon and pyromancy users as they do not have any other options.

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