Days Gone: Crazy Willie’s Infestation Guide

Crazy Willie’s Garage is one of the earliest places you visit in Days Gone, as Deacon and Boozer explore the area together in the Story mission You Got A Death Wish. After, Deacon is asked to return here to clear out some infestation nests that have taken root.

This is a really important area early in the game for two reasons. Firstly, Crazy Willie’s has a gas pump that Deacon can use without getting off his bike. This is a quick, easy, and free source of unlimited fuel, making it invaluable.

Crazy Willie’s is also along the road to Hot Springs, so you’ll need to clear the infestation to unlock fast travel at Tucker’s Camp. Here’s everything you need to know to clear the infestation at Crazy Willie’s garage in Days Gone.

Crazy Willie’s Infestation Nest Locations

There are four nests at Crazy Willie’s garage. They are all packed quite close together, so you won’t need to keep your bike close whilst clearing them.

Crazy Willie’s Nest #1

The first nest at Crazy Willie’s is found in the back of a truck. The nest is sticking out of the open trailer. You will see the truck as you drive towards Crazy Willie’s garage from Copeland’s Camp.

Crazy Willie’s Nest #2

The second infestation is in a small building just next to the truck where you found the first nest. On the roof there is a small barricade fence.

Crazy Willie’s Nest #3-4

The final nests at Crazy Willie’s garage are in the motel, found between the first nests and the gas pump further down the road. Go into the middle courtyard of the motel and look for two the two infested rooms in the corner.

Crazy Willie’s Survival Tips

Although it appears early in the game, Crazy Willie’s can be quite dangerous. When you first arrive, slowly survey the area to look for Raiders and Rippers. You kill some here early in the story, and it is a spawn point for ambushes.

If you are running low on supplies to make Molotov cocktails, climb on top of the building where you found the second nest. This little camp with the barricades has a few items, including kerosene and rags.

If you are struggling to survive, there are supplies in some of the motel rooms. You can find bandages in the bathrooms, so if you are low on health use these. Be careful if Freakers are chasing you though – the motel rooms are very tight and can quickly become death traps with a few zombies.

If you don’t have the ammo to fight all the freaks from the nests, there is a dumpster in the motel courtyard. Interact with the dumpster to jump inside and hide. Freakers can’t pull you out, even if they were chasing you. Eventually, they will shuffle off, giving you an opportunity to escape.

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