Days Gone Director Comments On Sequel, "Never Say Never To Anything"

In a recent interview with well-known game designer David Jaffe, Days Gone director, Jeff Ross, made some interesting statements which spurred up conspiracies within the gaming community. The biggest talking point of the interview is Jeff saying “never say never” when asked about a sequel to Days Gone.

Both gaming industry veterans had quite a bit to talk about in the casual interview, with Jaffe then redirecting the conversation to the topic of small games being neglected by Sony, to which Jeff Ross was keen to say, “Never say never to anything, it’s just …maybe not right now.” The news doesn’t really put a stamp of confirmation on the arrival of a possible sequel to Days Gone, but it does take away the impossibility of one. With the exact words mentioned by Ross, it seems like we may very well witness another version of the open-world zombie survival title.

However, fans aren’t really optimistic about a sequel at all, as discussions started to stir up on different forums, including Resetra, where a heated thread was underway. Some fans did show signs of anticipation, with one user saying, “I really hope so – Days Gone 2 would be so good.” – whereas other users were looking towards a more realistic approach with Jeff Ross’ reaction, as another user pointed out, “…by saying “maybe not right now”, that’s a pretty clear indicator that it isn’t in development.”

It’s strange how the director replied to the mention of Sony’s dealings with small games though, because Days Gone isn’t exactly what you would call a small game, in scope or in size. It received a lot of of traction globally as well, as it brought to the table a unique take to the zombie shooter genre. Nonetheless, whatever happens in this scenario, and whether or not we do get a sequel – the fact of the matter is that Ross hasn’t completely denied the idea of making a Days Gone sequel.

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