DC Super Hero Girls Producer Lauren Faust Reacts To New Switch Game

A surprise is coming for fans of DC: Super Hero Girls – their own video game. Announced during the Nintendo Direct, DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is headed to the Nintendo Switch. Producer Lauren Faust took to Twitter to share her reaction to the announcement, glad to see the franchise getting more love since her departure from WB.

This is truly a huge achievement for any creator to see their idea come to life not just in a tv show but now in a game. Faust after the announcement was also answering questions from fans. When asked if she did in fact know about it, she said she was in early discussions and designed a new villain for the game not included in the show’s first season.

She also hinted she is working on something she can’t yet disclose publicly. Another interesting tidbit is she left WB for another project opportunity she has been “hoping for my whole career .”

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Whatever project that may be, fans of her past work such as My Little Pony, Powerpuff Girls, and now DC Super Hero Girls, are eager to find out. The gameplay features you taking on the roles of favorites such as Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and more. These heroes will of course be tasked with taking on the supervillains and also making time to enjoy teen life. They have to do all of this without letting the public know who they really are.

The game looks adorable and fans of all ages are sure to enjoy the playful aspect as well as fighting enemies. Players will get to take on the roles of their favorites and utilize all their unique powers and abilities. You can even purchase cute outfits for your Super Hero Girl when she isn’t off saving Metropolsis.

It has also added the more modern aspect of the world we live in now with teens enjoying hanging out with friends and of course snapping selfies to share online. Yes, this game features a version of Instagram. Whatever is next for Faust, it’s good to know the game has her personal seal of approval and her involvement. DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is due out on the Nintendo Switch on June 4, 2021

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